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Every now and then I check the speed of my various websites with Google At the beginning I was happy, all seemed to be really good, green was the constant color.Then I didn't check for a while and when I did it again everything was dark red. Then you still got the calculation also for mobile - or is this check for mobile? I have no idea at this pont as it says "unavailable" - and it was far worse than on desktop. I didn't know what to do. There were indication
October 26, 2017
Hi everybody,From the 6560 rank-step of the WA ladder I send you my greetings. Hard to imagine that once I was rank 20 or so. No complaints! I have used my time fruitfully and I hope you are doing, too, here on the platform or somewhere else.I finished 4 websites and linked them to my non-profit. I have succeeded in getting Google Grants for Non Profits, that means free Google publicity, and I am now learning how to use Adwords the easy way: means that I don't risk a lot of money while learning
I joined WA more than a year ago and I am very grateful to have done this step which has opened many possibilities to me. Today I want to tell you a little about my journey here.First I engaged fully in the community while learning to handle Wordpress websites. This actually was the primary reason to come here, because I had a disappointing experience with virtual assistants and so I had decided that I have to learn myself how to do these things.I quickly climbed up the rank, around Christmas I
Hi everybody,We are three months in the year already and here in Italy, where I live, we had the fist summer-like day today. I would like to send you some good vibes by sharing a few photos with you which I have taken in the last few days.This is how my courtyard looks like right now!And this is the bouquet collected around my house which we used yesterday for our live broadcast:BTW: Success notice: Our live broadcast series CONSCIOUS AGEING went well, one more interview with the spiritual teac
March 07, 2017
There are different kinds of people in the world. There are some (few) who are able to work 80 hours a week and they stay energetic and in good moods. And there are others who don't have the same level of energy, and maybe even a different psychological structure.You need to be one of those who are not emotional affected when something goes wrong to keep up with your energies and not get burnt out. Sure, you pay it with something else, for instance with a lack of time with your family, you migh
As for me: I do and I don't at the same time. And I guess you probably feel in similar ways, right?As you might have noticed, I refrained from engaging in WA as I did before. I felt too much overwhelm and distraction which kept me from working on my websites. I have a lot of them, with different topics and different goals - you can see them on my profile page -, and I left them all half done. It is not that they are completely done now, but I succeeded to accomplish what was waiting for me for
January 09, 2017
Hi all my WA friends.I am back from and extended holiday break which actually was mainly a break from activities in the WA community while I was quite busy with my websites and figuring out new things while repairing old stuff.Now the question: where to put the focus in 2017.I came her in the end of July and enjoyed a lot getting to know you and engaging on other peoples questions and topics. I like to be connected and help others.My original intend was to create trainings about live streaming,
Hi WA community - friends!I have taken many days off. I really needed some time where I deliberately don't check blogposts, questions or answers and just feel free to spend most of my time away from the computer. Now I begin to wrap my head around the new year which has just started and I ask myself what will be the most important things to do in 2017.Before I share some of my thoughts I want to wish you all the very best for this coming year - and the fulfillment of your wishes and desires!The
Hello my WA FriendsI was a little absent from WA posts during the last few days. I am feeling like already in holiday and allow myself some leisure time.This time of the year is for getting still and think about ourselves, our lives and our existence in this world. We cannot do that with all the noise around us, so we just need to decide to take a break.Understanding the Meaning of this period of timeIf Christmas means something to you - and also if it doesn't: How is Christmas understood by ea
This is an attempt to warn people who live in the area to prepare for the next few hours - and for West Coast America to prepare for the next few days, as well as South Europe!I hope this is a way to get the warning out, so that you are not surprised when it comes and you have your plans what to do, when it comes!There has been an earthquake in the Salomon Islands, the biggest this year 8.0 just a few minutes ago! Watch Dutchsinse Live streaming for updates on YouTube. There you can also see ho