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Last Update: February 16, 2015

Time Management Observations

This is my second week with WA and looking back as how much time has been used in studying the basics, Affiliate Bootcamp and thanking followers, liking posts and websites and making comments I realize that most of my time was used relating to fellow members.

I have obtained insight into problems not yet foreseen in my pursuit of this endeavor, but being not in a sequential mode as it is following the tutorials, it takes time to take notes or bookmark sites for further reference.

WA has been in existence for ten years and I have no clue as to how the system looked or operated in its infancy and the idea that I will explain may have occurred to somebody else before.

I created a sub folder on my WA for emails from fellow members. It gathered over 900 in one week. I feel elated about the response of so many and the feedback, questions, answers and advice received. However, would it not save time if the programmers at WA devised an application where all those individual emails were in one folder? Enabling such a shortcut would allow us more time for studying and building websites to earn revenue.

I don't want to be perceived as greedy by my proposal but the bottom line is that WA is a great community of like minded individuals who seek making websites that produce income. This aim can be achieved faster if we pare the time spent socializing.

I welcome your feedback on the subject.

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PaulOsborne Premium
Hey Hector
Like you I am new here, and totally get where you are coming from.

However, as a long time marketer, with several sites, Social Media profiles and groups, I simply use a system to keep my head above water. and not drown in the sea of emails.

Hopefully this will help.

1. Filter all of your WA emails into an email folder on your PC. (I know you are doing this part already)

2. Open this folder at three - set times a day - For me, its first thing, lunchtime, and evening

3. Firstly open an 'New Follow' requests, directly from the email (It takes you directly to the post. Copy in a pre-written 'Canned Response thanking them. I know this is not very personal, but it does not need to be here

4. Log into your profile, and reply to any comments here

5.Look through the 'new posts', select 3 or 4 with titles that interest you. You do not need to comment on every one - and no -one expects you too - just add meaningful comments to the ones you select

6. Go over the the questions section at WA, llok through the questions to see if you can assist anyone.

7. Finally if you write a post. ensure that it is at a time when you can spend some time replying to the comments, as this is where you will really build relationships, and should be part of your work schedule. It is also the most time consuming here

Time up for me - hope that helps

hectoroliver Premium
Great advice and you'll be pleased to find out that I am doing alredy most of what you recommend. Thanks, your is the first real response to my post.
Debbi26 Premium
This is great advice from Paul. No one can possibly go through every email and still have time to work.
soloboy Premium
Hi hector, you have some very strong points, however I think this is the sacrifice one has to make,especially for us newbies. We'll have to allocate time daily, weekly or otherwise to rewiew our emails. I agree with you, these are a lot of emails but we have to interact with our associates. I'm sure your suggestions will be taken up by the appropriate authority
Dfishell Premium
I got wrapped up in answering as many questions and emails as possible when I started because I wanted to get my rank higher. When I hit top 200, I wanted to be 100! Then, I realized I spent more time in the forums than working on my own progress. I am trying to maintain a balance now, keeping my websites as the #1 priority, since my goal is to earn an income with affiliate marketing. I also realized that I would be in a better position to answer questions AFTER I have had personal success. I have asked others who are active on the forums if they are making money yet, and many are not. The ranking and time spent on the forums does not necessarily = successful marketers. Focus on the training and your own site first :)
gadifi Premium
I am a newbie myself you do have some points there but when you look for some support and the people in the community knows you they will not hesitate to help you out anytime you need it. But you have to make sure that if you are working on a post or a page of content you can't be jumping from work to your email you have to have a time limit to do keyword searching, doing content, reading email and replying t9o them, its like management of your time.
kennnyb Premium
Thank you for your post.