1 Year. I made it.

Last Update: November 03, 2016

Yesterday marked one year since I joined WA and launched my first site... I can't believe it's been that long to be honest. Time flies!

I know this next year will bring big things for my business and I am very excited about that. I am pulling what I would consider a part time income from my site. Not bad considering I don't work it full time (maybe 10 hours a week).

Social Media is doing great and I have this love affair going with Pinterest =-) I could spend all day there pinning, sorting, adding new boards, engaging, etc. It's a sickness.

I finally took the plunge into email marketing about 2-3 months ago and have found that while it is time consuming (hence why I waited so long) it has been a great way to reach my readers. I have grown my list to a few hundred and add more daily.

The other thing that has really taken off for me is having companies, other bloggers, etc reach out to me for various reason. I am enjoying that interaction and hearing about new products coming on the market or writing a guest blog, discussing advertising, etc. That has helped validate that my site is something more to the people that read it and I love that.

I have had so much fun with my site and hardly consider this "work." I stay home with my kids and play on the computer and write about things that are relevant to my life and the best part is I'm getting paid now to do that. The perfect work from home gig!

Has it been hard work and frustrating at times? Oh, yes and most days still is but I think I am at the right place with what I want to be doing and I wouldn't change anything! There were times I thought about walking away and felt like I was in way over my head but I stuck with it and I am glad I did. Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

Thank you for a great year, WA!

~Heather Grace

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MorgenM Premium
Hey Heather,
Just to say congrats and well done.
I think it was Yoda who coined the following;
"Do, or do not. There is no try."
And you did it!
Keep going and all the best wishes.
drjec Premium
Congratulations. That's quite a mile stone.
MPollock Premium
Nice work, have a great weekend,
JeffSimilien Premium
That's awesome good for you! Keep going!
onmyownterms Premium
Thanks for sharing with us.