Kind Words from All Who Have Posted Comments

Last Update: September 16, 2018

My sincerest thanks to all who leave me comments: welcome, congrats, etc.

Wow, am getting a lot of these and I feel am being disrepectful if I do not reply to each and everyone...

I am sure everybody has had the same thoughts and feelings as well. I am finding it is taking me upwards of an 1-2 hrs + going through all the emails.

Obviously, no offense by ANY means, however, I think I need to put a bit more emphasis on building my website etc and dive more into the training. Must say it is very detailed and informative!

Hope everyone understands...

To All...I Wish The Very Best Success!

Jim :)

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lesabre Premium
Best of success to you too Jim. Now go build that website.
EandS2018 Premium
We all have a common thread here , and we all understand the time restraints . With that being said go , go and go , and then some .
Elaine and Scarlett
HBR18 Premium
Morning Ladies,

Luv yer reply...go, go and go

Thanks for helping me not feeingl as if I'm being disrespectful...this goes for everyone else's replies as well

Thanks All,

Community..."Start Your Engines"

kpercival55 Premium
Hey Jim...pretty amazing isn’t it. This community rocks!
I look forward to hearing more about your progress.
All the best.
newlive Premium
thank you for the kind words thee Jimmy same to you
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Jim,
No one should feel hurt because after all the reason we are here is to build a functioning business.

Tried and True

HBR18 Premium
Very true Miss Elaine, just thought I should mention that I was not being disrespectful by not replying to everyone.

Thanks for the understanding and reminder to keep our focus on what our main objective is here :)

smokeywins Premium
Yes, the emails can most definitely be a time suck at times. I just finished working through all my notifications from the past 4 days. Was away from the computer for a few days, so everything piled up. Your website is key to success, so that should be your primary focus. Then the rest will fall into place.
HBR18 Premium
Thanks Miss Jennifer, really appreciate the staying in focus objective here :)

CandP Premium
Focus on your website, Jim. Everyone here gets it. We are doing the same.
We can all catch up when we are prospering!
C & P
HBR18 Premium
An absolute confirmation to my post...your comment here is exactly one of the many things I've come to enjoy and proud to be apart of :)

Thanks Again C & P

See you all on the Success end of our Journey!

Hollshope Premium
Good luck with your website Jim!