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My sincerest thanks to all who leave me comments: welcome, congrats, etc.Wow, am getting a lot of these and I feel am being disrepectful if I do not reply to each and everyone...I am sure everybody has had the same thoughts and feelings as well. I am finding it is taking me upwards of an 1-2 hrs + going through all the emails.Obviously, no offense by ANY means, however, I think I need to put a bit more emphasis on building my website etc and dive more into the training. Must say it is very de
My sincerest thanks to all who have invited me to follow and to all who have offered up advise, suggestions, and kind words!I have completed my 1st stage in the lessons...WOW...what a lot I have learned, and to my surprise I have actually understanding more and more as I progress. Thanks to the video lessons (step by step) I feel as if I am well on my way to having my own real work at home business.I, like so many of you as well, have spent lots of $$$ over the years attempting to find what I