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Last Update: January 05, 2014

I would like to apologize to anyone who is following me who did not get a thank you. One night I did thank yous on my Kindle. The next day I was confused as to the ones I had sent. So, if you got two that is cool because I thank you two times over. If you did not get one, I am sincerely sorry. I am trying to figure out how to keep up with things as I recover from surgery. Tried the Kindle. I guess I will have to make a list of the ones I send.

My time at WA has been so good for me. It has helped me move forward from some negative things and people. I have noticed since I have been trying to keep up with e-mails, that I am writing more like me and just letting it flow.

I am afraid I haven't done much to my site during Christmas. When I transferred to WA, it ended all scrambled. I think I have finally figured out how to fix it. I was planning to re-do it any way. I have started the training over.....when did this new stuff come in. I check my notes and I missed stuff. Didn't know how important it was at the time. I have added affiliates. And, I have my research ready to go to fix main site and to start posting.

However, I was not able to actual write. Lily had a very difficult time during Christmas. We had to increase her therapy. She has been keeping everything shut up inside until she got so angry she would explode. Now, she is very vocal about how feelings and they are heart breaking. Last Thursday she screamed and cried for 2 1/2 hours wanting her home and family back. It would have been wonderful if Santa could have given her what she needed.

Once again, thank everyone for the follows.

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Salem Premium
I hope things settle down and you have a productive and happy 2014. Best wishes.
SamTea Premium
You can not be too polite:)
May all your troubles be gone in new year!
Best regards.
rkoobs Premium
The holidays certainly have a way of "getting in the way." Can't be helped, though and, hey! I don't mean to imply the holidays are a bad thing. I have enjoyed all the feasting and hanging with family and friends as much as anyone. Still, my plans for my site have sorta ended up on hold. Trying to get caught up now. Not keeping up with mt "Thanks for the follows", as well.

Here's hoping you'r're back on track now, and maybe I'll catch up to ya before long. So much to do!
msdj8163 Premium
WA is great because we can work at our own pace. We are not on a schedule to produce or have our website this far by a certain date. I also let mine lapse during the holidays as well. Take your time to deal with your health and family. We will be here for you when you need us. Take care. Debbie
pcook410 Premium
Sending prayers for you as you deal with all this plus recover from surgery. Take care of yourself first!

hart48 Premium
Thanks Pat. I know you have bad arthritis also. My hip joint is gone but concerned about recovery with a confused 3 year old. Want to get my site going good before hand so it will be OK for a couple of weeks till I can get back to it. Just hard to concentrate sometimes. Thanks.