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February 28, 2014
I wanted to take just a moment to tell everyone the good they may be able to get from essential oils. Victoria Rizer with Joyful Essential Oils turned out to be a wonderful WA friend. I was having so much pain from my hip and other arthritis areas, that she suggested essential oils. I had used them in the past, so we started researching. We were able to find the ones I needed. I am glad to report that on most days the pain stays under control. And, although the doctor said I only had 10% m
January 27, 2014
Recently, I have been doing a lot of personal research on the internet. I have been searching for myself as well as for my sister. She does not like to research on Internet, so I told her I would do it for her. My plan was to e-mail articles I thought she would find useful. At first, e-mailing articles to her was easy because I was on official medical sites. But, when I tried to e-mail from a medical-related blogs, there was no share button. The only way I could do it was by copying and p
January 22, 2014
Hello, my WA family. I have been around, but not too active lately. I had my pre-op yesterday for the hip replacement surgery scheduled for next week. It turns out I am a very high risk for surgery at this time. There are risk factors that cannot be changed which means I will have a spinal instead of general anesthesia However, other risk factors can be lessened with hard work. Need to control stress, blood pressure and Diabetes. I am very disappointed because I was looking forward to gett
January 16, 2014
My hip replacement, which is turning into a bigger deal than I would have wanted is Jan 28. The x-rays showed a new development with my lower back. I have bone on bone arthritis. I am looking forward to no longer living with such horrible pain any longer. However, I am disappointed because with the doctors rolling and poking, the pain has gotten worse. And, this winter weather is not helping. I am deeply disappointed that my list of TO-DOS as far as WA, probably aren't going to be achieved
January 05, 2014
I would like to apologize to anyone who is following me who did not get a thank you. One night I did thank yous on my Kindle. The next day I was confused as to the ones I had sent. So, if you got two that is cool because I thank you two times over. If you did not get one, I am sincerely sorry. I am trying to figure out how to keep up with things as I recover from surgery. Tried the Kindle. I guess I will have to make a list of the ones I send. My time at WA has been so good for me. It h
From the Amazon Operation & Affiliate Rules it Seems as Though Advertising Through Google or Other Affiliates Programs Will be a Breach of Contract. So, How do You Get Other Potential Routes of Routes of Income. I Also Understand it is not Good to Advertise WA on an Amazon Site. Need Help Understanding.1. Description of the Program The purpose of the Program is to permit you to advertise Products on your site and to earn advertising fees for Qualifying Purchases (defined in Section 7) mad
On 12/21 I bought a domain and transferred my website to it. However, I haven't heard from Word Press about a pass word. I know the video says it takes time. Old site: New site: Any ideas about what is happening?
December 18, 2013
For some reason I cannot get into my 2nd website. htp:// I get a message that says: This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. Same message for 3 days. Any ideas?
December 03, 2013
Yea! Just look and I have $0.92 in my earnings for Amazon! I have arrived. Now more work. Maybe next time $1.92.