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Last Update: January 27, 2014

Recently, I have been doing a lot of personal research on the internet. I have been searching for myself as well as for my sister. She does not like to research on Internet, so I told her I would do it for her. My plan was to e-mail articles I thought she would find useful.

At first, e-mailing articles to her was easy because I was on official medical sites. But, when I tried to e-mail from a medical-related blogs, there was no share button. The only way I could do it was by copying and pasting the URL. That is not my preferred method. I would think all blogs, especially, those with medical-related information, would have a share button.

I connected with some medical-related bogs that were so full of ads, I had difficulty actually reading the content. So, I clicked off faster than I clicked on. There was no way to print them because there was not a print-friendly button. Seems all the bogs had ads for Garcinia Cambogia.....I guess that is the trendy diet loss product of the day.

So, why I am writing this article? Just wanted to share my observations with my friends at WA.

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Stonefox Premium
Thank you, very useful observations. :) Best regards.
KD6PAO Premium
regularguy Premium
Hi, I do have a print button and an email button but do not have a share button on my site either. What exactly do you mean by this
hart48 Premium
If you have an e-mail button that will work. If a person is proud of their website and their information, they should want viewers to be able to share by e-mail with others. My sister does not belong to social media.
Karyskis Premium
Thank you ;)
Wayne Wallace Premium
Now you know what to do and not do on your website ;-)