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Last Update: March 17, 2018

Hi, Team,

This is to share with you a free tool, called website penalty indicator. Its shows a graphic with the organic traffic of a website, crossed by the major Google algorythm updates in the course of time.

The idea is that you have a bird's eye view on the traffic and the Google changes in one place so that you can see if there is a correlation between traffic fluctuations and Google changes. You can zoom in and out the time period you want to explore.

The downside is it shows only the biggest Google changes, thus on my opinion it is not very useful and it can work only for websites with longer history.

But if you are only interested in the general trend of your traffic (or to check any other website) in just seconds, this tool will be more than fine.

Note: As these are not the real organic traffic numbers, but are based on SEMrush masurement, don't stare at the exact numbers, but raher observe the trend.



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TeamIceCream Premium
Thanks for sharing Anton - it is awesome! Check out WA's graph - it just goes to show that what we are taught here pays off!
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Harizan Premium
Hi, Sharlee, agree with you we are at the right place here:)
BradB18 Premium
Thanks, Anton,

I have just viewed mine and will need to look into it more thoroughly and get to understand it a bit better.


Harizan Premium
Hi, Brad, the best approach is to pick the period you want to observe and to zoom in the graph only to that period.

Done this way the result is very visible and clear.
BradB18 Premium
Thank you, Anton. I will definitely do that.
buffetearns Premium
Thanks Anton