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Hi, Team,As some of you are using Gmail for their email management, I thought it is nice to know that on April 25th, Google released an upgrade of the Gmail service, with suposingly pleasant UX features, like: - improving your work with attachments; - inroducing a snooze button, to easily come back to specific emails at a later stage; - nudging you to respond certain messages;- adding Smart Reply to answer messages faster; - adding high-priority notifications to important messagesThe full text
Hi, Team,Just wanted to share with you an interesting text from Backlinko, regarding Mobile SEO, which becomes more and more important, as Google recently rolled out their "Mobile-first Index".The text is comprehensive, and many aspects are touched, including his standpoint on AMP.It is good to view one more opinion on what to expect in terms of mobile SEO in the next months.Anton
Hi, Team,This is to share with you a free tool, called website penalty indicator. Its shows a graphic with the organic traffic of a website, crossed by the major Google algorythm updates in the course of time. The idea is that you have a bird's eye view on the traffic and the Google changes in one place so that you can see if there is a correlation between traffic fluctuations and Google changes. You can zoom in and out the time period you want to explore.The downside is it shows only the bigge
Hi, Team,I would like to share with you a quick way to download Youtube videos on your computer.You can do it using a free service, called GenYoutube.Let's say, you are watching a video that you like and want to save on your computer for a future refference (this way you will be able to watch it on offline mode, as well).These are the steps:1. Open the video you are interested on Youtube;2. In the URL, add the word “gen” right before the word YouTube. Initially, the URL will look li
Dear Team,This is to share with you a piece of news I've read about. It would be interesting for those of you who use (or plan to use) FB as a traffic channel.It seems that Facebook have launched a new feature with regard to their Massenger service. It is called Messenger Broadcast.At this stage, it is available in the U.S., Mexico, and Thailand.It is all about sending a promotional content to users through Messenger service.As usual, there are PROs and CONs.The main advantage: with the new se
March 01, 2018
Dear Team,I stumbled upon an inspirational short video on Facebook.I think it matches our WA philosophy here. If you have 5 minutes, have a look at it. It is going to give you one more perspective of what we are doing at WA.!Anton
February 26, 2018
Dear Team,Another week of our life is over. It is again good to ask ourselves - what did I do last week so my life got better?With regard to me, I would say, nothing special happened. I was happy for the teammates who declared their first refferal or their website being indxed by Google! I did not have such a milestone in the last 7 days. My biggest achievement was publishing 4 more posts (2 per each of my websites) with 5 261 words in total.The other key achievement was following Bo's lessons
Dear Team,The second SWAG week is over. The only way that you know your time is not wasted is to keep track of what you have achieved during the period of interest.With this regard, my first achievement is adding 2 more posts to my SA website with total count of 3 311 words. (The goal was three articles and 3 000 words. In terms of number of posts I could't do it, but in terms of words' volume I am fine).Here I will have to mention one published post (1 113 words) for my niche site, as well.Th
February 12, 2018
Dear Team,My first week (out of 52) at the SWAG challenge is over. It was rather like a test to me - what to expect from the next 51 weeks and am I going to handle the situation?It is still too early to say whether I will reach the final goal - to become a super affiliate, but I know two things - I will do my best to make it and I will play the game step by step. I feel it like climbing a mountain - if you watch at the top from the base camp - it would seems to be frightening. So you have to br