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Last Update: December 11, 2015

Welcome, Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate.

This Blog isn't like my usual Blog, I'm not giving any tips or knowledge base kind of information here, rather I will give you a FREE premium theme for your website (zip file ready to be downloaded)

Premium ElegantThemes - Worth $69++

Before any of you put any comment, I want to let you know that I'm doing this simply because I love to help others. This isn't marketing and this is totally legal, I have confirmed to the premium themes provider that I have the rights to use all the themes I have purchased including editing, sharing, and selling the work done using this theme.

How to Choose the Themes?

Step 1 - Access in your browser
Click 'Themes' button at the top menu bar

Step 2 - Pick the category that suits your niche
In this example, I will click 'Magazines' (you can explore all categories)

Step 3 - Pick the theme that you are interested in
In this example, I will click 'Nexus' theme (you can explore all themes)

Step 4 - Click 'Live Theme Demo' to preview the theme
Look around the pages and decide the best theme for your website

If you have found the premium theme that you want to use, you can go directly to this address

Click the file name > it will automatically download the zip file

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Feel free to share this information, but please stick with WA members only.

Best regard,


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MarionBlack Premium
I'm sorry but YOU have the "rights to use all the themes I have purchased without any limitation" but I can't see that you have the rights to confer those rights to anyone else. I think this would be copyright infringement. Please double check with the theme's developers.
HansenLin Premium
I know someone would say this, that's why I said that I already confirmed the information. I'm not putting the exact statement from elegantthemes in my blog above because it will be too much, the sentence "right to use all themes etc etc" is to made it simpler.

Now allow me to explain more,

In there are 3 main products which are Themes in zip file, plugins, and themes in psd file.

As for the licensing, it is divided into 2 category

(1) Themes in zip file and plugins are released under GNU public lincense v.2.0
(2) Themes in psd file are released under ET personal use license

If I shall put in more detail about GNU public license v2.0 (don't mistaken with gnu v.3.0) the licenses for most software are designed to take away your freedom to share and change it. By contrast, the GNU General Public License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change free software--to make sure the software is free for all its users. This is happening because the license itself is not a patent lincense meant to sell, rather it's a license that only show the real copyright holder or creator of the programs. In terms of distribution it's included as a free license which is meant to be Free for distribution. Of course there are restrictions and other things but it won't affect us here, e.g you have to be at least 18 yo to use it (because the data from the program will be sent to ET for analysis and feedback), and I'm sure every premium member in WA is qualified to that kind of term and other terms which I have read. Lol

As for the themes in psd file, yes I'm not allowed to redistribute it like this and I'm not doing anything about it so I don't offense any of their terms & regulations plus their privacy policy.

Thanks for reminding me btw Marion, have a nice day
HansenLin Premium
And to confer those rights to other, yes I have it..
This is the terms in GNU public license v.2.0

Everyone that have doubts about violatin copyright, feel free to read it.
But read carefully each sentence, to prevent misunderstanding.

I already understand it very well because I have been into that since 2012
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you for the clarification of the licence used to distribute the themes. If you had stated that in your original post I would not have been so concerned.
HansenLin Premium
Lol. It's okay.
I didn't state it in the Blog because I wrote it at 2 AM

Just finished my work, and I felt like I want to contribute something, hence I wrote it down as fast as I could and go to sleep. Haha
Daniel01 Premium
thanks I might take your offer! Have a great week end...
HansenLin Premium
Have a great week end too Daniel, long time haven't chat with you
ConeyM Premium
I am an email subscriber to Elegant Themes.Yes. they provide good articles on themes and plugins etc. . Thanks for thinking and sharing these themes to our WA members. You are awesome!
HansenLin Premium
Good to hear that, elegantthemes blog is absolutely awesome. They keep sharing useful information for free which is unbelievable.
jerrylc Premium
HansenLin Premium
Your welcome :)
Soulevoker Premium
This is great, but what about support, and theme updates?

That's a great concern of mine.
HansenLin Premium
As far as I know, there is no support team for using a theme.
Even when you joined as a premium member in elegantthemes there isn't any, so usually we go to forum to help each other.

As for the update I think you can do it directly from wordpress.
Labman Premium Plus
You will need to have an elegant themes updater plugin to keep the themes updated. This requires a subscription and key entered into your theme package to keep the themes updated.