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Hi everyone,I know this is not important at all, but I just feel to share my presence here in WA.After staying offline from the Premium WA service for around 3 months (earlier than expected), now I'm well prepared to get the business back online.And a big apology for everyone that ask me something but didn't get any reply due to my absence in the past months.LET'S BECOME SUPER AFFILIATE!!!Best regard,Hansen Lin
Hello everyone,I want to inform you that I am going to leave WA premium membership this month. However, please notice that it's not due to problems or bad stuff in WA. This place is totally awesome, amazing, grandiose, cool, whatever positive expression you may use.The reason I'm going to leave is due to my companies in real world is going into a big development and there are so much work here. Thus, staying in WA as a premium membership will be such a waste of money.From my speculations, I wil
After receiving many questions about 'how to write a good content or post?'I decided to share the way professional authors write a blog or post(the writing style format).Pay attention to every paragraph and sentence I put in this Blog, including This!Different content/niche should use different writing style, this kind of paradigm I can't say it's wrong. But that is also not entirely true, professional authors tend to write an article with a fixed pattern for their regular blogs either consciou
Welcome, Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate.This Blog isn't like my usual Blog, I'm not giving any tips or knowledge base kind of information here, rather I will give you a FREE premium theme for your website (zip file ready to be downloaded)Premium ElegantThemes - Worth $69++Before any of you put any comment, I want to let you know that I'm doing this simply because I love to help others. This isn't marketing and this is totally legal, I have confirmed to the premium themes provider that I h
Welcome back, lovely readers in Wealthy Affiliate :)This Blog is a continuity of my other Blog which titled:Learn More About Affiliate Marketing - PART 1Before you read this Blog, make sure that you have read the Introduction and PART 1Here is the link . . . in PART 1We have discussed some points about how to differentiate Affiliate Marketing, to help you remember what points we have di
Google SEO theory? Myth / Fact?!So far so good if you create your Affiliate Marketing website using the instructions provided by Wealthy Affiliate, but learn more about the truth of google SEO myth & fact might help you to become a better Affiliate. Sounds good enough?CAREFUL : As some of the explanation inside may be too advanceLet's start reading . . .(Note that the Facts will be put inside the Myth explanation)Myth - Subdomain has lower SEO rankingThis information has roamed around the i
Another day or a new day within Wealthy Affiliate?Whichever it is,Some of you may not grasp how vast the scope of Affiliate Marketing 'yet'.And this is exactly the reason of why I write this blog.Note : Before you read this blog, make sure you have read my other blog called "Introduction to Affiliate Marketing" - just to make sure you get how it works.Here is the link : you have read it, I can assume that you get the idea of how it will wo
Hello awesome members of Wealthy Affiliate!In this post you will find out how to set up your DNS from to Wealthy Affiliate Hosting. STEP by STEP with PICTURESSome of you might already realize that NameCheap user interface have been updated, thus the training to setup DNS by Wealthy Affiliate is not up to date anymore.Anyway, let's begin the setting fast ;)STEP 1- Open in your browser and login from the top left cornerSTEP 2- Click Domain List at the left side and you
Before you read any further, I gotta say this post is for newbies.I write this because there are still a lot of misunderstanding about AM concepts.But of course, it's free for everyone to read and share it :)Don't Throw Away Affiliate Marketing BENEFITS!Seriously guys, this Affiliate Marketing business is already so AWESOME, it gives you so many advantages in creating a business online. However, I still find so many people that don't get the GREATNESS of Affiliate Marketing and end-up wasting t
What's The Most Important Factor For Success In AM?Some of you might think the important part of success in affiliate marketing is knowledge, or your skills, or your talent, or your connections. THE FACT, IT'S NOT LIKE THATThe key is your mindset. "It's Not The Size Of The Dog In The Fight, It's The Size Of The Fight In The Dog"The most important factor in your success as an affiliate marketer is determination. Affiliate marketing is not easy. You'll get confused. You'll have big failures. You'