Hit The Wall!.

Last Update: May 22, 2020

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Kia Ora, from New Zealand, friends and colleagues

Some thoughts on a little dark place I have been in for about 9 days

A Lesson in Frailty

I posted my 120 day Stats in this Blog 10 days ago when I had just about achieved everything I had expected to in 120 days, and actually a wee bit more, as due to my 40% conversion rate from referrals I was in profit for my outlay (modest as it is) for my subscription.

I had also just that very day received my first Amazon commission from my book reviews on my Paleo site. So it all looked pretty good.

The only thing I had not managed to do was make my 120,000 words in 120 days I was about 1500 short.

The next day I got to work and cracked out two articles for separate websites each of which was 1500 plus

Then I hit the wall!........................

What Happened

The day after I posted those two articles I suffered what I can only term website exhaustion. I had since 13 January religiously written 1000 words a day, followed the training and engaged on the platform.

I had not felt overwhelmed by any of this activity at any time, there was no slow creeping barrage of weariness or the common problem of writers block, the ideas flowed and the excitement and anticipation of the future potential rewards was constantly driving me to be productive.

Unconscious Excuses

Not sure what triggered it, but the day after writing those last two articles, which caught me up with my word target, I just found myself suddenly weary of writing for my websites and I unconsciously put it off, naively saying to myself that I would have a break and get back to it tomorrow....hmmmm!

That was 9 days ago, and only today did I go back to writing and find myself well on the way to getting out the three 1500 word reviews that I had planned for this weekend.


My reflective conclusions on why this happened are:

  • I forgot my own best advice about balance in my approach to the WA adventure.
  • It is good to take a break now and again and do something completely different
  • 120 days is too long without a break
  • I achieved a lot in 120 days and was ready for a break.
  • 9 days in too long of a writing break
  • Planned would be better than for it to happen as it did, because it made me feel guilty
  • I don't need to feel guilty
  • It's okay to be frail because to be frail is to be human! LoL😂😂😂

The Platform

I found 2 things about staying engaged with the WA social platform:

  • The good - It kept me engaged and progressed my knowledge and learning
  • The bad - I unconsciously saw myself as being productive in my business

So What

Just my frank succinct but personal observations, that may be of some help, or provide food for thought for other driven individuals in the Springtime of their WA adventure.

Back to content writing..........

From New Zealand, friends and colleagues

Kia Koa, Kia Kaha🧐

Recent Comments


Hi, Hamish, Wow, this is already disappearing in the rearview mirror, but it explains why it's been so relatively quiet of late. OK, you've inspired us with your awesome accounts, but isn't it true that every marathoner needs to rejuvenate?

Thanks for reporting from the trenches like this -- some of us had no clue before just diving in and running full-tilt for a month. ;

I suspect you're right: healthy balance is huge -- success wouldn't be any good unless you're in a position to enjoy it -- something I'll keep in mind going forward, too, as I try to pace myself while heeding some of your other timely and excellent advice: just do even one small thing every day to move your biz forward.

If that's your speed at any given time, then anything above it would be a nice gravy. Just keep moving forward.


Hamish buddy! As you said it's ok to take a break, plan them out and plan them frequently, targets are not everything.

One of the reasons we start a business is to work on our own terms and not be free from the obligation and stress working for someone else puts on us.

Remember you are free my friend, you don't need to replace the deadlines placed by clients with self imposed deadlines. Of course I don't mean to slack, just be reasonable you have an obligation towards your health, body, and mind too!

Stay well and stay on top my friend, Good Luck!



Hamish, my good friend, I fully understand.

There are ebbs and flows as we move along our journey.

I am VERY proud of what you have achieved in such a short space of time here at WA.
However, rest and rejuvenation are even more important.

We want you with us for the long-haul and we want that spirit fresh and energised.

Tiaki ia koe ano.

You are a very lovely person Cassi, I am planning on being around for a while.......I am a Scotsman and I am paid up until March 22 LoL

And so is Sean Connery . . . 😊

With that connection to 2 of my favourite places, I DEFINITELY expect you to be.

Huge hugs!

yesh he shertainly is, Sir Sean to you LoL🧐

Important to pace yourself my friend. You have done incredibly well & you are an example to follow. But a break occasionally recharges you. I have been lower profile the last few days due to a large translation I was working on & my partner's birthday today. But she seems happy. So some points earned!

Always good to get points from the the other half Trevor🧐

I know the feeling, all to well. What surprised me was how it came out of nowhere.
I just couldn't be bothered.
I have since diversified and this has enabled me to stay 'busy' (in a productive way.)
I like to think that the saying "All roads lead to Rome" is true and that everything I am doing, is helping to define the 'bigger picture'.
Good to know that you were able to 'reason' through it and are continuing where you left off, albeit with a few internal changes in place, not every one can do that.

You pretty much summed it up as I experienced it Twack , thanks for coming by🧐

Always welcome.


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