Have not seen this type of scamsuspicious email before

Last Update: July 28, 2016

Received this email this morning. WARNING WARNING!!!! Now "jan nilssen" is my sister's name but jannilssen@carmona.es is not her email address and she never signs off like in this email. And what does "sup Geoff" mean. I googled "dave cronk" and there is in fact a davecronk.com but it has been hacked. Would not ever risk clicking on that link in this email.

DELETE DELETE!!! (I did tak a screenshot first:) to post here)

We must be aware at all times. A little fine tuning to an email like this may get some unsuspecting recipient to click on the link and WHAMMO!!!

Stay safe.


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JudeP Premium
It's never-ending.
MPollock Premium
They attack from every angle
BobBarr Premium
That's some pretty heavy family disfunction if your sister moved to Estonia without telling you. :=)

Sorry, I should have said Spain (country code "es") rather than Estonia (country code "est").
Loes Premium
Sneaky - I think sup means what' s up in short
stevecox Premium
It's the Martians again!