Beautiful Bali

Last Update: January 22, 2013
Hello all,

well I'm back from Ubud in Bali, my parents thoroughly enjoyed their 70th birthdays with the whole family getting together for the first time in for ever. They from Cyprus, my sister and niece from New Zealand, my brother his wife and my nephew from Australia and myself from snowy UK.

The Balinese people are just amazingly friendly and absolutely all of them smile at you all the time. Everything is just soooo relaxing. I have taken, as promised, some pictures and have loaded some of them to a new board on pinterest, my site is for those of you who wish to have a look see.

I've been back a couple of days and it didn't help that our taxi driver managed to find a patch of black ice on the way back from Heathrow and spun the car into the central reservation barrier. Taxi ended up facing the hard shoulder cutting off the fast lane!! Fortunately at 6 am ish there was very little traffic and no one was hurt! What an adventure - people are gonna stop travelling with me as this sort of thing seems to be the norm for me!

I've been doing a little catch up with my emails - many from here telling me of updates going on within WA, so I have also been catching up and replying to comments, so much is happening here and anyway replying to everyone comments would distract me from my real purpose here, so don't be upset with me if I don't reply to all your blog posts etc.

Now I need to get back to the business at hand and continue to build my business.
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dndurst Premium
Family is so important and it sounds as if you enjoy yours even though all of you are quite spread out. Bali sounds like a great place to visit, glad you had a chance to get together to make wonderful memories.
tommydillard Premium
Nice thanks the blog
Thanks for sharing...
Glad to hear of your happy family reunion. Nice to see people, especially family, after a long time. My best wishes for your continued success! Nice photos too!
dz117 Premium
Welcome back from Bali! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself & being with your family! Continued Success...God bless
GregRobs Premium
Many thanks and likewise;-)