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Last Update: February 19, 2017

Integrating Coconut Oil into your daily life

Why all the recent fuss about coconut oil when it was being put down some years back? Quite simple, it has been recognised as one of the superfoods it really is. There is now enough evidence to show that it does benefit us in many ways. Not only that, every single part of the coconut tree can be used, whether for food, for furniture making, for plants, decorations, for energy, ....none of it goes to waste.

The Green Coconut - One of five different types found on the island.

As far as coconut oil is concerned, besides the many health benefits it has many other uses. It can be used for the hair, skin, for oil pulling, (more coming on that in a subsequent blog), for baking, cooking,

The name super food is really a perfect way to describe the coconut. Around 60% of the oils in coconut are healthy medium-chain fatty acids. They contain the highest amount of lauric acid of any substance you can find. Why are these acids so good? The substance formed when lauric acid is digested is a powerful destroyer of harmful pathogens (bacteria, fungi, viruses). Furthermore coconut oil is a good source of energy, its fat burning qualities help in weight reduction, and it is great for keeping our heart healthy and strong. And it adds a wonderful flavour to your food.

Here are some of the health benefits of coconuts and coconut oil:

Helps in cancer prevention and treatment

Prevents heart disease and high blood pressure

Can cure urinary and kidney infections

Protects the liver

Reduces inflammation and arthritis

Boosts our immune system

Improves memory and brain function

Improves indigestion

Improves skin issues

Prevents gum disease and tooth decay

Improves type 2 diabetes

Helps in weight loss

Benefits hair

When buying coconut oil be sure to check the quality. The cold pressed virgin oil is the better choice.

Hope this has been useful for you. I have intentionally kept it "short". There is a lot of information on coconut oil out there if you are interested to know more. And if you know enough already, it is short enough that you will not get bored.

Pleasant Sunday my friends, just off to drink some fresh coconut water! :)


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LouisaB Premium
Valina, Thank you for the education on coconut oil and the benefits therin.
greenvee Premium
Thank you too for commenting Louisa
LouisaB Premium
Very Welcome Valina.
Ivine Premium
Hi Valina, thanks for the powerful post. Irv.
greenvee Premium
Thank you my friend
lynnsam61 Premium
Coconut oil is the best! I love putting it on bread when I make an almond butter sandwich. It's a great way to add moisture to dull or dry hair too. Can't say enough good things about it:)
greenvee Premium
I am also impressed with coconut oil - it is something I use every day.
AGOgden Premium know, this is VERY informational and informative...those who have not lived in tropical or sub-tropical climates do not really know just how important coconuts and coconut oil and cream can be...having grownup in South Florida, we learned early its significance...then, the first time I went to teach in Malaysia, I found that all the old rubber plantations had been turned into coconut oil plantations for the financial gains they produced...I ramble, forgive me...but this is very important information, Greenvee...thanks...

Press On!

greenvee Premium
I don't feel you are rambling, in fact I am happy to hear other opinions.
I like to share because I know how useful and helpful it can be and although there is a lot of talk about the benefits of coconut oil, many still have never heard of them. So thanks much for your contribution Arthur.
TarekS Premium
Thank you for sharing :). Have a great day.
greenvee Premium
Thanks Tarek