Stop Spinning Your Wheels

Last Update: October 31, 2019

Hello dear friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

Are you at a point where you seem to be chasing your own tail? Spinning your wheels? Feels like your doing a lot but not moving forward? Believe me, it's easy to do and there are several different things that you could be doing to cause this.

But, I'm going to venture to say that you're probably doing five things that are holding you back from progressing as fast as you want. If not all of them, at least three.

✅ Trying to please everyone
You can't please everyone, so, stop trying. You'll always have those who aren't happy with what you're doing. You'll always have haters. (That's a sign you're doing something right). So the best route to take is, start pleasing yourself. This is your show. You have the goals, the business plan, etc. You know what you need to do to get there, so please yourself and those who agree with what you're offering will follow. The others won't. You don't want them anyway.

✅ Putting yourself down
This is easy to do, but very unnecessary. You may think you don't know enough about your niche. Wrong. You know more than thousands of people out there that want to learn what you're already doing. You may think you're not as good as so-and-so at what you're doing. Duh. There will always be someone you're not as good as. No reason to put yourself down over that. You may think you're not making as much as that other guy or gal. Duh again. And DO NOT compare yourself to others. Just focus on your plan. You are you. They are them. Just like the pro golfer. He doesn't care how the others are playing. He sticks to his game plan and moves forward.

We all have suffered from this at some time. It's usually because you're a perfectionist. I know I am. But, that can be more of a hinderance than a good thing. I've covered this in earlier blogs. Stop overthinking everything and just get it out there. Put it out there, test it, tweek it, test it some more. No need to overthink it. There will always be a need for tweeking and fixing and correcting, so JUST DO IT!

✅ Fearing change
Believe it or not, this can subconsciously hold you back. You've gotten comfortable with where you are. You're content. You're afraid of what that next level may be. What it may entail. Can you handle it? Will it be too much work? The saying, "There's nothing to fear but fear itself" is true. You can't progress to the next level of success without change. So don't fear it. Embrace it.

✅ Living in the past
This can be dangerous. Especially, if you've had failures in the past. What about the negative comments from friends and family? Or a different angle; "That didn't work in the past." That was then, this is now. Things change. Things improve. Living in the past can bring in old Sid that I've talked about in earlier blogs. (self-doubt) Sid is just an accumulation of past failures and negativeness. Let the past go! Live in the present and move toward a better future.

If you're guilty of any of these, you need to stop now. Cut these five things and you'll find yourself moving at a faster pace toward success!

Until next time...Take Action!


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Scwebu Premium
Absolutely correct. We delay our own success. Thank you for sharing.
Aussiemuso Premium Plus
Excellent advice Grant. Thanks for reminding us to be kind to ourselves.

Lily 😊
don1rock Premium
Hey Grant,
this is some very good information. thank you.
CMKetay Premium
Well timed, Grant! Thank you for this. Christine
ecomtom Premium
Hi Grant, thanks for the tips, and the encouragement. Tom