Building my Twitter Following Day 1

Last Update: Apr 2, 2017


Afternoon my fellow Wealthy Affiliates

This will the first of a series of blogs while I learn how to bump up my social media follows on twitter and share my progress for others, hope it helps.

I have seen a slight dip in pages views and users so figured I needed to really give twitter a big push. I have done some work with Facebook and see great jumps but this is very time consuming so I will continue to do this when I can but I had read a few blogs about automating my twitter account to help build my sites visibility.

Some have been recommending Staged, so I thought I'd give it a bash. I have been currently following 10 to 15 people a day every day and been trying to keep it a habit when I can. This works well but it's time to juice it up a bit!

I have signed up to the free account which gives you access to their system and lets you work with 1 twitter account. For multiple accounts you can play but I only have 1 so this works for me. This also allows me to automate up to 10 tweets a week which is cool.

So far after having a good look around this software looks great and allows you to filter down top tweeters in your niche and then you can follow their followers in a hope to find people that are interested in following you. It's seems a great idea so looking forward to seeing the results.

So lets get started...

My Current stats are: Following 496 and followers 248

Thanks for being such an awesome community

Graham :)

Recent Comments


There you go! Nice move!

Thanks Arthur :)

that's great!

Thanks Karin :)

Great move Graham

Thank's Alexandra thought I'd utilise another tool from the kit bag. :)

Thanks for sharing Graham...all the best

Thank's Beverly :)

Hope it goes well Graham :)

Thank's Chrissie, looking forward to the results :)


thanks for sharing

Your welcome Silvia :)

Great idea Graham, think I will follow your lead ... mind you between going through training, building website & trying to promote it I have my work cut out .... enjoying it all the same ... thank you for the good hints

Hi Mary, yeah it is amazing how much we have at our fingers tips the challenge is planning when to do what. I was the same when I started. Once your site is up and running the best advice I can give you is write a post or page then do a little adjusting of your site and social media tweaks then do your next post. I find this gives you a good freshen up ready for the next post.

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