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Last Update: Mar 20, 2017


Greeting from Bangkok, Thailand.

I wish all of you are well and happy.

I was busy with trip for past week, a physical journey was not easy like online journey. It's was fun travelling,

I past 3 days I got bad news about my training trip to Peru was cancelled, It's a hard truth, and really sorry for it. I'm Okay now.

So nice to learn from quotes, which may people are sharing. I would like to share some.

The weather is very hot in Bangkok and near by cities.

Have a nice day.

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Nice quotes, thank you for sharing ;)

thanks for your comment and stopping by.

Great quotes indeed, Goson! Thank you!

Thanks Rebecca.

Powerful quotes to live by, Goson!

Yes, and thanks Veronica

Well said!

Thank you Gooson, I am planning a trip to Chiang Mai later this year, I hope it will not be to hot then!

Hi, that's great George. In last 3 months of a year there has more possibility for cooler weather after raining season and early Winter.

Sometimes Goson you are redirected from harmful alternatives. That's a long drop off the Macchu Picchu access trail compared to the Bangkok rice paddies for instance!

Thanks Michael for your encourage thought. Thing happens for reason. Please have a nice day.

You're the only one who hold the key to your success

That's true Alex.

yes its true .. thanks for sharing

Your welcome Slama

Thanks Goson .. Cheers, William

Hi, Your welcome sir.

Thanks for encouraging words.

Your welcome, Lanu

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