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May 01, 2017
Greeting from Thailand, Time fly by so fast, I am here 6 months already. What's a great experiences to be here.Thank you so much for all your kind support. I am still here.
March 26, 2017
This weekend, my wife finished her hard work, and she has some stress. We need to have some stress reduction activity. It's time to Relax.So on Saturday morning we drove to Samut Songkhram province, and went to Mae Klong railway station. Where “Rom Hub Market” is located. I’ve never been there before. ‘Rom Hub’ is mean folding umbrella. This is amazing market, it is locating right on the active railroad track, and the local passengers train come and goes on regular
Greeting from Bangkok, Thailand.I wish all of you are well and happy.I was busy with trip for past week, a physical journey was not easy like online journey. It's was fun travelling, I past 3 days I got bad news about my training trip to Peru was cancelled, It's a hard truth, and really sorry for it. I'm Okay now.So nice to learn from quotes, which may people are sharing. I would like to share some.The weather is very hot in Bangkok and near by cities.Have a nice day.
What will you explain this 'power 5 T system' for your success with Online business?Greeting from Central region of Thailand.Please allow me play around a little bit, the the presentation of group work in my training which just finished. We assigned group work to working together to explain " how did they implement there children development project and come up with their success?" It's group work for 45 minutes. One conditions of presentation was, group have to answer with less text in the ans
March 10, 2017
Big smile of Thai childrenGreeting from Bangkok, Thailand. I have training trip this week, in Northeastern region of Thailand, It's a child development related training. I can't make time for email as usual. I miss all of you. I wish everyone have a great weekend. I will comeback tomorrow.Cheers
Greeting from Thailand: I would like to share with you some Thai proverb.Thai proverb about learning.Hi,everyone. Greeting from Thailand.Thai proverb relates to learning and/or entrepreneur. I got one above from blog spot mentioned. I just want to talk about first half.When I was young student we were taught about this, in order to motivate us to learn more from teachers, not too shy to learn. If you shy with your teacher, you won't gain knowledge. in Wealthy Affiliates, We don't shy, we ask qu
I have a great weekend this week, thanks God. Still keep learning to grow for success, so I need to learn from others. There's a Chinese proverb as shown below: this means no one is perfect, One should open for learning from others.
Yip-peeeee, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Today, I have a great opportunity to meet first time for me, WA Ambassador...JIM-BOWhat a great weekend, to have a chance to meet in personal with WA Ambassador, here in Thailand. Jim Bo kindly gave me special training on how to be more effective in using keyword search, some techniques about training. Which was really helpful to me.He gave me some idea about Premium theme for website, make more specific about travel niche, and etc.Yesterday I got Jay training,
Thinking about why and how Chinese people who live outside main land China have a lot of success. In Thailand for example, they are very success from generation to generation. Another words of wisdom from Chinese quote below can tell some thing.Cheers.
Hi everyone, greeting from Thailand.I had a training last week and have some nice cartoon photo, I hope you enjoy with it.We are on the road to success, it's long road but let us keep going, till success. Cheers.