Perseverance, Chinese quote.

Last Update: Mar 3, 2017


Thinking about why and how Chinese people who live outside main land China have a lot of success. In Thailand for example, they are very success from generation to generation. Another words of wisdom from Chinese quote below can tell some thing.


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Totally agree Goson. Thanks for sharing :-)

Yes, indeed Gaylene.

'If you persevere' perseverance is the crucial factor in our lives, I think we all should strive to persevere. Thank you, Goson.

Yes, indeed Sheila. thanks.

thanks for sharing!

Your welcome Karin

Great quote. Thank you for sharing.

Your welcome and thanks Peony for stopping by.

Yes, if your goal is the right one for you, never give up.

From when I was 17 years old my goal was to have my own vineyard, make my own wine, good wine and sell it to the visitors.

At 49 years of age, I purchased my vineyard and in 2001, a year later, I harvested and made my first wine.

32 years of working towards that goal.

I also achieved another goal, retire from working for others before I reached 50 years old. I did that and have not been an employee for the last 15 years.

Money is not important, living is important, enjoying life is important, helping others is important...make them your goals

Hi, George, it's the morning in Thailand. Thanks for sharing to confirm Goal setting is important, and can achieve as your testimony. I love the last paragraph of your message which is the core of happy living. Yes indeed.
Have a good day. I observed you are back in New Zealand.

Goson, great quote and, very true.
Thank you for sharing my friend.

Hi, Ken. Nice to see you, thank you so much for stopping by and comment. Have a nice weekend.

I certainly will my friend.
Just finishing my 10 day vacation.
Have a great weekend as well.

Very Nice.

Thanks NarasimhaRao

So true!

Thanks Tezsie.

Great quote! Thanks, Goson!

Your welcome Rebecca. Thanks.

This is a great quote and true. Thanks for sharing Goson.
P.S. Like your banner!!

Thanks Jerome, and appreciate your comment.
I am glad you like it.

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