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Last Update: May 10, 2018

It's long been a thought of mine for some time that sidebars are too restrictive.
What I mean is that if you have a niche about, let's say Pets, and you are writing a post about Cats, but in the sidebar you have advertising material about every other animal that your niche contains.
Now wouldn't it make sense to only have Affiliate links to the actual post you are writing about?
So in the Cats post there would only be Links or Ads to do with cats.
Make sense to me.
With this in mind I have found a plugin that lets you create custom sidebars for each and every one of your posts. You can create an individual sidebar for as many posts/pages or even categories that you like.

If you are like me and you think this makes sense, the the plugin is "Easy Custom Sidebars".
No affiliation just helping out those want this option.

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rjkennedy Premium
Thanks for sharing
frex6 Premium
This sounds like a good idea and It would be worth a try. I think you get a lot of traffic that's just looking and not for a specific thing they may just see something they're interested in.
Rae-1965 Premium
I have a theme that allows for that but I've never known how to use it. I was starting to understand before the upgrade now I'm back at ground zero. Lol
Gordon-D Premium
It seems there are a few themes with this function but I have yet to find one, never mind!!
This video shows how to add and update the widget area using the plugin but maybe you could get some idea of how to customize the sidebar of your theme.
Fleeky Premium Plus
So true gordon
Some themes provide this facility to-o