What You Lack in Money, Make It Up With Efforts?

Last Update: July 09, 2019

We are very fortunate we have this platform. I remember when I was active in online network marketing, almost all the platforms we were using favor the big spenders.

It felt bad when because you do not have enough advertising budget, all you do is watch the top earners post their screenshots of commissions. You can't go along with them as far as spending money in ads is concern.

I can still remember how the trainers were consoling the low-budget marketers, "What you lack in money, what you lack in talent, make it up with numbers."

The numbers that they were referring to is, efforts. More efforts.

In the network marketing parlance, more efforts means more recruiting! Numbers game.

There, if you can't spend big money in solo ads, you're out of the internet ring. You don't belong in that fight and you have to do the recruiting offline hounding prospects.

It was a futile battle until I decided "hands up, I'd rather be an affiliate marketer".

Little did I know that except Wealthy Affiliate, most IM platforms are like my previous playground. Solo ads are also the lifeblood of new sales if you can't buy solo ads, it's hard to make money.

Part of the issue is, they don't have blogging platform like ours here. All they teach their affiliates is "buy ads" and all they provide are funnels. Blogging to them is a long process they don't wanna take.

If you're just starting online and you don't have big capital to use, you're better off building here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Correct me if I am wrong, isn't this what the gurus describe as "growth hacking"? That instead of using money to build a business, you input efforts?

Am I correct with that term used? Growth hacking.

Some members here are also using money. You don't see them commenting in Site Comments for credits. Instead, they're buying credits for comments. And their sites are ranking!

But that's optional. You can do that later once you succeed building your online business using "pure efforts". And that's unique with Wealthy Affiliate.

I'm sorry if you find me too straightforward here...

Can you do that with Anik Singal's Launchpad platform? Or, with Misha Wilson's Super Affiliate Network? To just use blogging and not buy any advertising?

I'm not prejudice against them, they were just mentioned for the sake of comparison with WA.

Now, let me hear you through the comments...

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accad Premium
Yes, let's go for work because that is what blogging is all about.
Linda103 Premium
Good post and very true. Though I would add in building and using social media platforms as an excellent way of increasing traffic.
Joes946 Premium
Great post and so true.
JKulk1 Premium
I also tried affiliate marketing about 7 years ago, what I discovered was the scammers. They started asking for a few hundred dollars and this figure kept going up as you 'so called' needed better 'money earning' methods. They worked in teams a bit like the 'Good cop, bad cop' methods. I was desperate to get a website going and was sucked in for several thousand dollars (which I definitely couldn't afford) before I decided enough was enough. I wasn't even close to having my website going. With WA I got my website going within 2 months and it cost me a fraction of the above amount, and boy have I learned a lot. Jim
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks for sharing your experience, Jim.

Just recently, a long lost friend found me on Facebook. He said he missed me so much that he always wanted to talk to me or have a conversation with me about online marketing.

I found out that he's also active in affiliate marketing but what intrigued me is that he's so unwilling to blog. Instead, he's spending huge money buying courses on solo ads and Facebook PPC, as if he got a lot of money to spend.

If you spend a thousand dollars on a course about solo ads, then expect an equal amount to be spent on a actual campaign.

I told him I'm with Wealthy Affiliate, and instead of using money, I'm using blogging and publishing content online. The moment he sensed that what I'm doing is efforts-intensive, he bade farewell and signed out.

I wish him good luck.
jbatters Premium
I love reading your thoughts. I am one of them building with effort not money
GomMagtibay Premium
Great. Success will be sweeter when you attain it through hard work.