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Last Update: June 02, 2015

One of my sites that I have put together with the (masssive) help of Wealthy Affiliate:


deals extensively with alcoholism and drug abuse. My own included.

The feedback I have had from fellow members in this community just makes my heart bleed.

I knew this was a bigger problem than anyone really realised or would admit, but without naming names or quoting numbers of feedback quotes, I know it is even bigger than I ever imagined.

Alcohol and drug abuse is rampant in our society and there are just not enough rehabilitation treatment spaces of any quality to make a difference right now. I wish there were, and it were not only the rich that had access to the best of them.

I could go on but I think you get my drift and if there is any chance that I can add a non-luxury rehabilitation facility to my website I will get right on it. Please make direct suggestions to me. I have contacted SO many treatment centers to be included on my pages it fills up almost a half-binder. If anyone has any ideas in this area please let me know.

If you take a half-look at my website you may know exactly what I am talking about and any suggestions through private or public communication will be taken very seriously by me.

I thank you all.


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Kenester Premium
Great site. I left a lengthy comment. Alcoholism is a death sentence. I am glad you have boldly brought it out of the closet. Blessings. Esther
MarionBlack Premium
Acceptance is the first step. I wish you well in reaching out to others with similar problems. Stay on track. ~Marion
danbarth87 Premium
I have HUGE respect for you, Glyn. God bless you, buddy!
pinkabella Premium
I worked in mental health for a lot of years and saw first hand how big a problem we had. Unfortunately there is not enough money or resources to make even a small dent in the problem. Keep up the good work
glycogen Premium
You are right Pinkabella. I think even sometimes politicians or the social agencies realize that it is such a big problem that funding for it would be "ridiculous". But of course the ridiculous amount of funding would indicate what a huge problem there really is.
Strap Premium
This is a VERY serious problem that society has to face collectively. The work that you are doing is extremely valuable.