Writing Block - Learn How To Go With The Flow

Last Update: June 17, 2018

Try searching for 'writer's block' either here or on Google. Now tell me, how many posts do you come up with? Hundreds at least.

This is because the writing block is something that, at some point or other in the course of our online career, we are all victims of.

For me, at first it was one of my biggest problems - the 'what shall I write about' question that haunted me for long periods of time. Or the procrastination of keeping delaying starting another article or review due to ... well, I believe, deep down due to fear.

But, if there is something I have learned in the last 2 years - that is, since I joined WA - is just to go with the flow.

Easier said than done? Not really.


All you have to do is keep a list, scribbled on a piece of paper or typed on your Notes function in your phone, of all the writing ideas you get for a post or review. My main inspiration is through doing a lot of reading online, whilst learning as well from seething through the 'competition'.

This way you will avoid finding yourself not knowing what to write about next.


My next strategy, once you have decided what your next piece of writing is going to be about, is to research about it. It sounds more time-consuming than it is really.

You can easily google online, or even search here on the WA platform, whenever you can and whenever you have 5 minutes to spare. Exactly in the same way as when you can't wait to get to the end of a book, and take advantage of every spare minute you have to finish a chapter.

In other words, turn into a dog with his bone!


Finally, I do my keyword search with the aid of Jaaxy. What a wonderful tool it is! And it actually helps you come up with really the most straightforward title and couple of keywords, yet catching ones, which will also set out my writing in my mind.

Go With The Flow

And now that you have created your draft copy directly from the Research area of WA, and which redirects you to SiteContent, just start typing and go with the flow. It sounds scarier than it is in real life.

I know the millions of questions that will flood your brain, believe me, I have been there. You will worry about whether what you are writing is not original, whether it reads grammatically correct, whether it makes sense, how to start it, what to talk about. And more.

All I am saying is START TYPING AWAY. You can go back to amend and change your typing later on. But you will see that, once you start typing, ideas will start crowding your mind, and enable you to draft a list of subtitles to divide your writing in sub-sections.

Kyle in his lessons has armed us with so many suggestions on how to structure our posts! And his sound advice will come back to you as you keep writing, and you will be able to apply it to each and every of your posts or reviews.

Truth is, of course I still get my writing block from time to time. But, as ambassadors and more experienced WAers keep reminding us every day, practice makes perfect. And believe me when I tell you that I have tested this little theory for myself, and guess what? IT WORKS!!!

I hope my blog helps you somewhat in lifting the fog and in seeing you all writing to your heart content in the week ahead. If that is the case, please click on the green Like This button and feel free to leave your comment below :)

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1signbanner Premium
Giulia, you are my hero! You are talking to me, in real time!

OK, Giulia, I have yet do my first post. I am right there on the goal line ready to do it. Yep, you're right all the "considerations" of doing it stop me dead on the track.

I need to get through the first blog. Like you said the "practice makes perfection." OK, Giulia is the water cold???? I need to make sure the water is warm before I take that first dive! lols!

Sorry, perfection-itist is still within me.


I will do it! Maybe, tomorrow! When I'm good and ready!

Oh boy this is getting worse. I am talking myself right out of doing my first post! My mind is going nuts with negative anticipation.


If you don't hear from me, that means I'm a coward.


Anyone out there needs practice on psycho-therapy, I am your
best patient as long as it's free!

GiuliaB Premium
Frank, I am in tears ... with laughter!!!
Seriously though, my writing still needs sooo much improving - and it is also true, and I would like to think that, with time my writing will evolve as part of our getting older and changing too.

But, if you saw my first post, it was horrible. And it was so short! And yet, it did attract comments.

So, don't test the water. Just dive in!!! :)

P.S. Can I also add that, with such personality on 'paper' as you showed in your comment, I am certain you will have no problems with your writing skills :)
1signbanner Premium
"Dive in Giulia! Me, just dive in!" AAAGGG! I put my big doe in thar blue waters of Hawaii and it's dang cold.

I'll gonna do it Giulia, I promise! You gave me encouragement. You say your first was, well, not so good. I cannot believe that.


OK, I'm in my ankles. The rest will be another 1,289,990 hours before my dive is complete.

Thank you Giulia, your support has strengthened me somewhat!

frank =)
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Giulia.
GiuliaB Premium
Rog, thank you ever so much :)
dpanic63 Premium
Well done. A great blog with lots of interesting content.
Keep up the great work and much success.
GiuliaB Premium
Thanks Dino, really appreciated :)
MikeMahaffey Premium
I've been writing thousands of words a week online for the last 10 years, and have never experienced writers block for my websites. I have, however, experienced times when it seemed like I just ran out of ideas?

I like and use all the methods you mention here to keep a supply of topics to write about.

Spending some time on social media and forums opens a gillion ideas. I just have to make a note of them at the instance they hit my brain so I don't forget them.

Then later on I can either just start writing about them, or research them in a KW tool
GiuliaB Premium
Mike, thank you ever so much for your precious contribution. It's members such as yourself, with your 10 year experience, that I mostly draw my inspiration from. I am double pleased, therefore, to hear that what I do is what you do too. Thank you ever so much. The fact that you are still here and in the online business is testament, to my eyes, that this business is worth the effort :)
TBallister Premium
Cool! I just wrote a post on my Ballister Writing site about 'Unblocking Writer's Block'! Thanks for these additional insights!
GiuliaB Premium
No problem at all, Tucker, I am glad I could be of help :)