Been Away.... Would Appreciate A Comment or Two on My Website

Last Update: July 24, 2014

Oh my goodness. I've been away for so long.

Work and life shouldn't get in the way, but it does. Not a good sign for someone who wants to succeed in this business. I guess I'm just a bit frustrated with the slow pace at which this process is working for me right now, which screams to me that I have to get back on track with the training.

I just posted an article on my site's blog entitled: "Internet Training. What's It Worth To You?"

I'd really appreciate comments, feedback and guidance from my friends here at WA.

I'd also like to reach out and thank all those who have decided to follow me that I haven't been able to personally respond to. I appreciate the follow and wish you all the success you deserve. It's because of this community that we all have the opportunity to learn and grow in this industry.


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tmaltz Premium
Hi Ginger, I left you a comment and the article was nicely written, the one thing I was expecting at the end was a Call To Action section. I'm not sure if you seen the training in Jay's webinars, but at the end seemed like a good place to add in something about trying WA out for free. You mention trying a product before buying it, so it seems like a natural lead in.

I wrote a recent article I could use comments and social shares on if you would be so kind. You can see the call to action during and at the end of the article.

Any feedback is welcome as well (positive or negative)
Bunn Premium
I'm sure no expert, Ginger, but I did enjoy reading it. Succinct, to the point, easy to read, great thoughts, and lots of common sense. Oh, I got a kick out of your last statement....."I'd love to read your thoughts".......just hit me as FUNNY! LOL So, you're into mind reading too huh? LOLOL I needed a good chuckle today! ha.....

Great content, welcome back!

rodc711 Premium
A lot of good content , you will do well.