Thinking about not renewing my membership

Last Update: November 10, 2019

Hi there!

It's been awhile... but I am toooo busy with my offline job, as so many in life ;) Unfortunately.

Those who know me know that I got a job offer in 2017 thanks to WA, but I changed it because I got a better offer, it's a government job which is way better than a job in a private company, at least here in Italy ;) I am a court clerk and It's very interesting, but I have to commute and a lot to learn for an examination, so I don't have time for my websites and the new training anymore.

My membership is due 28th November and I'm thinking about leaving WA, but the decision is not final, yet.

As long as I pay the domain for my websites they are of course mine, and WA is going to send me everything I need for the future hosting of my websites, ok.
But I'm thinking about not continuing with my websites and selling the domains, but I am not sure how much they are worth. How can I find out? To be honest, I guess not more than 20 $, so not paying the domain name anymore would be the only option... ;)

Thanks for your help!

Have a great day!



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Gerlinde Premium
Ok, I renewed my membership... ;)
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I hope that you make the decision that is right for you now and in the future.
JustAPerson Premium
I think it is something only you can decide. Have you been building your websites all along since joining 3 years ago?

If so, I would think you must be seeing some progress, right? Are your websites getting traffic?

Are they earning any money from commissions of affiliate sales?

If you have spent 3 years and aren't seeing any results then I completely understand you thinking about no renewing.

But if you are getting traffic then maybe you can generate enough from commissions to cover the cost?

If not and you are getting a steady flow of traffic then you should be able to sell the websites. Being 3 years old and well past the sandbox phase is worth something to many people in itself. And having organic traffic built up is worth even more.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Gerlinde, I understand completely--however, you might wish to consider renewing in the Black Friday special if you haven't already done that--massive savings are to be had and you renew at that lower price every year thereafter! Best of Luck!

Gerlinde Premium
Hi Jeff, I already had the black friday offer last year... But having a membership without having time to use the feature is not what I want.... it's a waste in my eyes.
Thanks for your answer.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Of course, I don't know what the tax laws are in your country, but I write off the entire cost every year against my businesses--just a thought! Wishing you well, either way!

Joes946 Premium
Gerlinde, I understand how you feel and what you are facing. I think many of us have been in the same spot. My encouragement to you is to hang in there. I know you're swamped at the moment, but you can still find time to do some work on your website.
I hope you will stay with WA!
Gerlinde Premium
Thanks, Joe for your kind words! Still thinking about it.