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Hi there!It's been awhile... but I am toooo busy with my offline job, as so many in life ;) Unfortunately.Those who know me know that I got a job offer in 2017 thanks to WA, but I changed it because I got a better offer, it's a government job which is way better than a job in a private company, at least here in Italy ;) I am a court clerk and It's very interesting, but I have to commute and a lot to learn for an examination, so I don't have time for my websites and the new training anymore.My m
Hi!Some of you know about my widget issues with one of my websites after WordPress update to 4.9 (I asked a question about it).WA site support could not help me because they told me it looks like my theme was not compatible to the newest WP version. Theme support could not help me, either because in their opinion it could only be a hosting problem, because the theme was compatible to the newest WP version...WA site support was so nice to reactivate the older WP version in order to be able to wo
October 15, 2017
Hi all! Just wanted to let you know that I am still here! :) Many of you know that I got a job offer thanks to my Facebook pages and I've been working since almost 4 months now in an office of an electrician company. I never wanted to go back in a 9 to 5 job, but I got the offer without asking for the job, so I took the chance... But I don't love the fact that I don't have much time for my websites and for the training left. I finished the certification course and the bootcamp a long time ago,
Hi guys!It's been awhile... ;) I am too busy with my offline job unfortunately, but I am always in the background of WA ;) And today I discovered something helpful for me and I want it to share with you:I changed my theme recently (it's a free theme: from Spacious to ColorMag from ThemeGrill for those who want to know it ;)). Now, under my posts it shows the related articles - that's what I wanted! And the source text "You may also like" is fine, but it's a German website and there was a spell
Hello, nice WA community!Today I got my One-Year-badge from WA - thank you, Kyle and Carson!So I decided to share my -short- news with you!Thanks to Facebook I got a job offer two weeks ago!! The reason I am so excited about it (I never wanted to go back in an office - lol) is that I was not searching for a job as I am wanting to become a Digital Nomad, but especially the way the job has been offered to me:The company's boss was interested in my promoted product on Facebook a few months ago (my
Hi all,today I made another sale through Facebook, yeah!!!!Some of you might remember my other blog about my very first sale through Facebook.In the meantime, I had a following order from that customer - aaaaaaaand todaaaay a very new customer signed up! YES!!!It's "only" € 35,91 but I am very excited - also because of the fact, that people are saying that they are interested in the product because they trust me first of all, and I appreciate that very much! I had some chats but also some
Now, that's another big surprise for me seeing this email in my inbox for the very first time! :DThis might be old news for most of you, but it's a big step for me, haha! :)) It's always nice seeing others following our advice...I don't see any referral in my Jaaxy account, maybe because it's "only" a trial member, right?Anyways, just wanted to let you know this, it could be some inspiration for newbies or for other still-feeling-like-a-newbie as I am sometimes! :DHappy learning...Gerlinde
April 23, 2017
Not sure if you know the Blender 3D Software. It's a professional 3D software and it's open source. It's not easy to use, it took me a few hours to figure out how to handle the basics. You can create Logos, animated films, 3D text, animation of text, fluid simulation, video games, you can do video editing and photorealistic rendering – and so much more!You have to know some shortkeys in order to move the object on the interface, you have to set up the lighting and also the camera. Sometim
Hi all!Yesterday I wrote a blog about creating a free 3D Ebook Cover with PowerPoint (for thinner ebooks): I've also found another way to create a thicker one. You can find this tutorial also on the net, but I'm showing it here, how it works:It looks like this:Isn't it nice? :DOk: You need a 2D Ebook cover, which I made with again. Here it is:Then you need a free blank 3D Ebook template like this:Or maybe a spiral-bound templ
From 2D to3D:I was searching for an easy and free way to create a 3D Ebook cover with only a few clicks - and I did not want to download an additional program. I had Microsoft PowerPoint already, did some researches and found out how to use it for making three-dimensional shapes:So, let's start:First, you need a 2D Ebook cover (left image above). I made my one with, but you can make it also with PowerPoint.Open PowerPoint, open a new File.Click Insert – Picture – selec