How To Create a Free 3D Ebook Cover with Pixlr Editor

Last Update: February 26, 2017

Hi all!

Yesterday I wrote a blog about creating a free 3D Ebook Cover with PowerPoint (for thinner ebooks):

But I've also found another way to create a thicker one. You can find this tutorial also on the net, but I'm showing it here, how it works:

It looks like this:

Isn't it nice? :D

Ok: You need a 2D Ebook cover, which I made with again. Here it is:

Then you need a free blank 3D Ebook template like this:

Or maybe a spiral-bound template like this:

I wanted to show you how to create a cover for a thicker Ebook, so let's choose the first one for this blog. I cannot add it as a downloadable link here, so we use the URL for it later. Let's go on with the next step:


Click on OPEN IMAGE FROM URL (if you have the template saved on your computer, you would click on OPEN IMAGE FROM COMPUTER):

Now you get this:

Now you need the URL of the blank template, you can use mine (I hope, I added the link below):

Right click - Copy link address:

Free Blank Template

Now you paste it into the URL tab, make sure to overwrite the http://, click OK and then wait a few seconds, until it opens - now you see this:

Next step: Click on "Layer" in the tab, then "Open image as layer":

You have to select your 2D Ebook cover on your computer and open it.

Then you see this:

In my case the 2D Ebook cover is smaller than the blank template, which is fine.

If it's bigger than the template, you must adjust it and make it a bit smaller by clicking on "Edit" in the tab, then on "Free transform":

If it's smaller than the blank template, than you can click again on "Edit" - "Free distort":

You drag the blue boxes to the 4 edges of the template! Make sure it fits and be very accurate here! It's not so easy because of the white background, but you can always change it afterwords, if you are not happy with it:

Now you it should look like this:

Click on "File" - Save the changes.

Click on File again - Save - Ok - Now you choose where to save it on your computer:

This is the result you have:

It's quite nice, when you need a thicker cover for your Ebook in a short time and for free!

Hope you liked it!

Have a good time,

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MKearns Premium
Great tips Gerlinde both in 2D and 3D. Now if we can get a durable cover it will last and be a 4D masterpiece!
Gerlinde Premium
Yes, for sure! :))
Thanks, Michael
WilliamBH Premium
Another great post on this topic .. Thank you Gerlinde. Cheers, William.
Gerlinde Premium
Yes, I thought, I share this one, too!
Thanks, Gerlinde
WaynePro Premium
Great information, Gerlinde. Thank you for sharing it.


Gerlinde Premium
Yes, thanks, Wayne!
spurway Premium Plus
Hey Gerlinde

thanks so much , great to know there are different things available .
Gerlinde Premium
Yes, Sylvia! And all for free and easy to do...
Thanks, Gerlinde
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Gerlinde, this is so helpful, many thanks! Sue :)
Gerlinde Premium
Hi Sue!
Yes, it was so helpful for me when I was searching for solutions... so I decided to share them finally with you! :)
Thanks, Gerlinde