How To Create a 3D Ebook Cover with PowerPoint with only a Few Clicks

Last Update: February 26, 2017

From 2D to3D:

I was searching for an easy and free way to create a 3D Ebook cover with only a few clicks - and I did not want to download an additional program. I had Microsoft PowerPoint already, did some researches and found out how to use it for making three-dimensional shapes:

So, let's start:

First, you need a 2D Ebook cover (left image above). I made my one with, but you can make it also with PowerPoint.

Open PowerPoint, open a new File.

Click Insert – Picture – select the saved file of the 2D Ebook Cover. Now you see it on the screen.

Left Mouse click on the image, right Mouse click, click on Format Picture (image below).

Now click on 3-D Rotation then Presets as shown in the image below:

You can choose from a lot of different perspectives. In this example, I chose the one in the image below under “Perspective” – click on it.

Click on 3-D Format – Depth: 20 PT – Now you already see the 3D effect of the book, right? Isn’t it amazing?

Next step:

Contour – Color: Grey– Size: 0,5 PT

Lighting: you can leave it as it is:

Note: try to change the lighting and the material as well in order to see the possibilities. I did not change them.

And after making some changes, click on „Automatic“ of the Color Depth to make sure that the book spine has the same color (see image below):

Now click on Shadow – Presets: I chose the first one of the „Perspective“:

Then Blur: 26 PT (or more, it‘s your choice):

E voilà!!!

Now you can go to 3-D Rotation again and play with the different Rotation-arrows until you are happy with your 3D Ebook Cover:

Don‘t forget to save your new 3D Ebook Cover.

You will see, after trying this a few times you can easily do this without reading the steps, so you really can create a 3D Ebook cover with only a few clicks. I use this version for thinner ebook covers.

An, of course, you can use this tutorial also for other stuff, not only for Ebookcovers:

Hope you liked it!


Update 26-02-17: I made another blog about creating a thicker 3D Ebook cover with Pixlr Editor:

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Chrissies Premium
Clever stuff, many thanks Gerlinde :)
Gerlinde Premium
Yes, I guess so, too! :)
Thanks, Chrissie!
jtaienao Premium
Thank you so much Gerlinde. This is greatly appreciated.
Gerlinde Premium
That's nice to hear!
Thanks, Jerome!
JeffBoivin Premium
Gerlinde you are the princess of the 3D cover training ;) Much appreciate. I took notes ! Best Regards, Jeff
Gerlinde Premium
Jeff, I know, you know this tutorial already from my website! Finally, I took the time to make a blog about it here, too! :))
Thanks, Gerlinde
GeorgeVas Premium
Excellent! Will definitely give it a try. Thank you Gerlinde!
Gerlinde Premium
That's great! Let me know how it works! :)
Thanks, Gerlinde
WilliamBH Premium
I love it, I love it, I love it!!! I use PowerPoint all the time, I was aware of these functions but never thought to use them this way. Thank you so much Gerlinde. Cheers, William.
Gerlinde Premium
Glad, you love it, William! :)
It's so easy and simple.. You definitely have to try it out! :))
Thanks, Gerlinde