Last Update: September 19, 2019

Hello, I'm a newbie..Started this program last week..Just finished my lessons, still deciding if I should go premium...I have self doubt about continuing... I've been scammed before on another program through affiliated marketing, but they wanted $$$ down before I could even start..That for me should of been my red flag right there .. I tried to go back to schooling & that wasn't fit for me anymore.. And then I thought about going back to work after being a stay at home mom for nearly 12 years... But not having a flexible schedule was not an option since my husband works 2 jobs... I could really use all the encouragement I can get:) Please help!

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klchang Premium
Welcome, Genia, to Wealthy Affiliate.
You have come to the right platform to learn how to build an online business. You should have gone through some of the lessons. Why not continue with the rest? Bravo too, for going premium. You will not regret your decision. Just learn and work harder. All the best to you and happy learning. Have fun too.
RGerritsen Premium
Dear Genia, first of all welcome to WA. I think it is perfectly natural to feel skeptical. I had exactly the same. But after a week here, I upgraded to Premium because it just felt right for me. WA is certainly not a scam. There is no advertising or lies telling you to "just sit back and relax and see the money roll in from day one" WA, does however, give us the tools, training and definitely the support and experience of a fantastic community to make our online business grow and become a success. But we certainly have to put in the creativity and work. The support centre is phenomenal in assisting with any technical issues. You have images at your disposal, Jaaxy, affiliate programmes to mention a few.

This is the real deal. And I am truly grateful to be part of this.

Good luck with all of your decisions. Please be reassured though that we are here to support and encourage you all the way
Fleeky Premium Plus
Not a scam... just take your time before you jump in.
Make sure to go through the basics first and see if this is for you.
It is all but easy money...
Dave07 Premium
No scams here Genia - just solid training, awesome web hosting and lots of helpful people when you get stuck