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How do I make a unique website to be an eye catcher?

How do I make a unique website to be an eye catcher?

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How do I make my website unique for my niche?


What makes any site unique is your voice in your content. All niches pretty much are covered by numerous people. You can read two articles about wealthy affiliate. But one article you may like more because the author writes in a way that attracts you. Whereas the other author may be giving the same information but maybe you just don't click with their style.

So what makes your site unique is how you write your content. Add a lot of your personality in it. Content is everything and just use your unique voice and that will be enough.

The best way to make your website 100% unique, is to brand it with yourself.

YOU are the only “you” on the planet.

Therefore it would be 100% unique.

To create an eye-catching website you will probably want to change your theme and add some images and a logo. Just do a search for "wordpress themes" in the search bar and you'll find some training on how to work on that. As for images if you aren't graphically inclined you can use some services to help you create a logo, I use an online graphic suite called Canva (canva.com) that works great, it is pay, but you get a one month trial which should get you set up with something. I also use it for a lot of my images as it has a huge library of free and cheap images you can use royalty free. You can also search "logo" in the search bar for some more training on that.

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