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Hi , my name is Garry Brown I have been a type 1 diabetic for 22 years now, I now have some long term complications





How do i get my log in details for a web designer to gain ?

How do i get my log in details for a web designer to gain ?

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I have got a designer from fiver to do some work on my website, i have set him up as a user, but i now wants my hosting log in details ...where can i find these pleas

WA hosting doesn't give you access to their backend. The best you can do is give them your ftp credentials and create a user for them in WordPress. If they needed to do anything with the database they would have to use a database manager plugin.

login to your wordpress and on the left click users and create a new user.

be careful with this and i would not assign them as a full admin.

I have done this, but he is asking for hosting log in details

A designer wouldn't need your hosting login, only access to wordpress and your FTP details

FTP details can be found at Websites/site manager/details

Please note however that free siterubix sites do not have access via ftp

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Allowing comments from somebody who sells the same product?

Allowing comments from somebody who sells the same product?

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Hi all,

In one of my posts that i am recommending a product, somebody as left a comment, there website is selling the same products, should i allow there comment on my po

Thanks, I did not know you can remove their website link. All done edited and removed link.

I have a plugin installed that removes all links and the whole website field from comments. I also don't put my own link to any comment swaps. You don't want a ton of irrelevant backlinks pointing to your site even if they are unfollow.

Oh and I would do what MoneyMech suggested. Just remove the link and leave the comment.

Just remove the link to their website. Your site, your rules.

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