You should read your own blog posts!

Last Update: March 11, 2015

My first blog post, I just read it again. I recalled while I read it, that I was going to state, that I would write here once a week. I rejected the ambitious notion. With an increase in the J-O-B front hours my attention to details is exhausted. Not to mention the "fine" feelings in my hands.

I also spent at least 7 daze time beating myself up about not being here every second humanly possible. Yep, I did that. Fear not though.....I did mostly great stuff for myself mentally and physically as well...and stopped beating myself up almost as fast as the fight started ; )

My first page (that still needs work) that pleases me enough to post here.

This is just like my blog posts at WA...a reminder of what I am doing.

I hope this allowed.... I am posting a link to a song

I am the only one that can ruin me...I take this gorgeous tune as a reminder. <3

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Nonki Premium
Great! Just read your song! It's cool lol! Thanks for sharing cc.
Jozeph Premium
Great song Jennifer, thanks for the share
Have a great day
WKnoepp Premium
That's nice.
lindon11 Premium
Checked out the site and loved it. Obviously written from the heart. I do check in every day but that's me. There needs to be WA free time. I like the idea of listening to music and will start that ASAP.
Really just kept nodding as I read the site agreed with so much.
fyre Premium Plus
I try to check in everyday. I even tried to write some posts on my Samsung galaxy but, it didn't go smoothly. I just feel if I don't get to work directly on my sites that I am lacking. Every commute involves a video training though or, interacting like I am doing right now with you!
lindon11 Premium
Don't beat yourself up, you can only put in what you can. Looked at "thisourdream" well done. My only criticism is the title. As the site opens the first word that hits me is SOUR. Maybe thats just me.
Chrislk Premium
Hey Jennifer!

It's great to see you again. I completely agree with you about re-reading your own blog posts. I totally relate to this. It's a good way to remind yourself why you signed up here in the first place.

It's the exact reason why I made mine. It gets overwhelming learning about all this. Whenever I feel myself slipping (it's already happened a few times), I refer to my blog post to remember what my mission is. I quickly snap back in place again after reading it. XD

It's good to hear you stopped beating yourself up about not coming here everyday. I'm guilty of this too, haha.They're for different reasons, but it's counterproductive either way.

What happened to your "Fyre Dreams the Verse" site? I'd go look for the link again but it's buried under a slew of comments. XD

Anyways, I like the mood of your new site! It vibes well. :)

Hope to see more of you. Take care.

- Chris
fyre Premium Plus is alive but, it needs a ton of work!!! Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me! I have been focusing on my WA sites first,