Notes to my Newbie self.

Last Update: November 16, 2015

I can't believe I just built 2 websites (2 and a half if you count the temporary change of mind to focus on one WA promo site and one, very dear to my soul, niche site. I am almost a week in and I am loving every success and every challenge on a regular basis. This is part of what my whirlwind has been like.

  • I am always working on my WA goals!

If I am not here working I am jotting notes, I am goal setting and conjuring all the content swimming in every corner of my mind, I am intentionally going somewhere without internet and saving content in word offline. That's the short list!

  • I give thanks everyday for the community here!

I have written so many blog posts just for here in my head. To give thanks, to remind me of my motivations and, to log the steps I took to insure my personal success. I decided my time would be better spent in the course trainings. Then it hit me, that these blogs, are also an integral part of my training. My energetic navigation system pointed me here tonight so that is that!

  • It dawned on me today that my niche is everything about dreaming!

I literally take my work to bed with me!

Thank you for everything everyone! Blessings, fyre <3

*That is the mighty Susquehanna River I grew up on <3*

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ricardo1 Premium
Fyre, I woke up this wondering which direction I should go with my writing content. I come upon your blog where you mention your dream, we all have them. The reality of it here at WA, come we make them come true. That's just on of my goals, you inspire me with your writing style. I always read a person profile, just to see what there dream might be. I'm glad that you and I have crossed paths. Don't forget to write something, I'll be checking on you. Peace & blessings!
fyre Premium Plus
I'm always so honored when someone says they enjoy my writing style. I thank you kindly for that.
Like you, I love to help people!

I'm so glad we have crossed paths as well. I'm not putting pressure on myself but, you should see a lot more work unfolding from my vast imagination these next few weeks since I'm back in the states. Of course ...also the year to come!

Blessings on you and yours!
case Premium
You have such a wonderful writing style, Fyre. Thank you for sharing your early experiences here so that a current 'Newbie self' like me can read, learn and try to apply as well. I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog series, and am also trying to get my energetic navigation system fine-tuned. It got me here, so it must be responding to adjustments :) Blessings to you.
fyre Premium Plus
Blessings to you also Case! I really enjoy writing and relating to people. It gives me joy and when I can interact with people, such as yourself, it inspires me to continue.
On Friday I was lucky enough to get some practically one on one time with 2 of my mentors here (they are mentors to all of us I just feel like they put things to me in a way that my ADD brain can make sense of it more readily.)
I was advised on Friday to reign all my ideas in and focus on only 1 site for now....I will be 24/7 this week putting that grand advice into action!
Oh, ps. Those links are from...and one about the mentors I speak of Jay (magistudios and also our amazing weekly live training orchestrator. ) and Labman.
If you need anything just ask. I'm not the master of anything but, kindness and asking someone I know will have the answers ; )
Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!
SStarrs Premium
Hi Fyre's great writing you are so focused
I am reading some blogs on the people who are following me
Would love some tips how to write a great blog .
There a some great blogs at WA
fyre Premium Plus
The most engaging blogs, in my opinion, are those that show a real piece of the author in them! I pop open my MS put on some tunes I love and write from the heart about whatever it is. Speaking of.. I need to get on top of daily posts. I'm over trying to complete the look of every page!
despatis Premium
Sounds good Jennifer, keep on writing your inspiring blogs!
floridajf Premium
Great to see that you are passionate about what you are doing here at WA. I definitely take my work with me to bed as well. And, WOW! You already have 3 1/2 sites built, that is a crazy amount of work that you have put in to get to your success. I know you are definitely working hard to maintain them. Just want to wish you luck and yes blogging is an essential aspect towards your success, but mainly for your website. I still appreciate that you made the time to create a blog here at WA :) Best of luck.
fyre Premium Plus
Thank you floridajf. You are an inspiration for me here! I have them it's time to tackle keywords and build them up! I appreciate you taking the time to drop in on me with your kind words <3
floridajf Premium
No problem, am always willing to extend a helping hand :)
fyre Premium Plus
Correction...2 and a half. I have more done on my WA sites..and yet still so far...heehee. I may start dragging my lap tip on my commutes for the rest of this particular J-O-B ha!