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Last Update: January 25, 2016

Achtung! This is neither a promise of winfall nor another spam. This is about my niche website. The long break from WA has awaken in me many things, first I spend every waking hour thinking of how I should pick myself up again, next is never to yield to despair (thanks for all those kind words from you, my dear WA community) and started reading, replying, short of returning to my lessons. Nonetheless, I do spend a lot of time doing revisions on my own website.

Today, I feel fresh as the first bolt of light flashing in my crammed brain is asking myself, " Why don't I start to focus monetize my website?" Something is telling me, that was where I left off my Affiliate Bootcamp. You see, I was almost there finding my gold nuggets but some life event took me off guard, at the nick of time.

Life seems uncertain at times, it's either a hit or miss, ther's no guarantee, only to focus on the promise. We need to have faith, keep believing and working towards our goal.

Ok, I got to go finding that keyword, I will write again. Happy digging!

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Toonblogger Premium
Great job going back on track Fred! I think I'm gonna write something after reading your blog here.

KatieMac Premium
So long as you are getting traffic there is no reason to delay in monetizing your site, welcome back and I hope all goes well for you
Kav Premium
Welcome back. You will soon get back to it all as you engage with people here.
Lemark Premium
Go and do it. Good luck!
Missa3 Premium
Good to see you are still standing and in the fight. Welcome back and the best of success to you.

Fred Chong Premium
Thanks Debra, my best wishes to you too.