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Last Update: Jan 29, 2023

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Hi, WA Friends!

Just a short post to let you know that Tom Verlaine passed away yesterday.

If you like Punk Rock, you have probably heard his music. He is best known for being the guitar player for the band "Television."

Playing Style

I had the opportunity to see Television in the 1990s when I was attending a medical conference. Tom was playing a modified Fender Stratocaster guitar that had a Jazzmaster neck with "lipstick tube" pickups. I remember the unique sound of that guitar like it was yesterday!

I can tell you that Tom was a very underestimated guitar player. He was originally a Jazz pianist, and you can clearly hear that influence in some of his playing.

Tom also used a variety of guitar effects, including delay, phasing, chorus, flanging, and distortion, setting him apart from mainstream Punk Rock.


Here is a list of Tom's solo albums and the recordings with Television. I suggest you take a listen to the material available on YouTube. Check out Marquee Moon.

Solo Albums:

  • Tom Verlaine (1979)
  • Dreamtime (1981)
  • Words from the Front (1982)
  • Cover (1984)
  • Flash Light (1987)
  • The Wonder (1990)
  • Warm and Cool (1992, reissued in 2005)
  • The Miller's Tale: A Tom Verlaine Anthology (1996)
  • Songs and Other Things (2006)
  • Around (2006)

With Television:

Studio albums

  • Marquee Moon (1977)
  • Adventure (1978)
  • Television (1992)

Live albums

  • The Blow-Up (1982)
  • Live at the Academy (1992 )
  • Live at the Old Waldorf (2003)

RIP, Tom Verlaine! 🪦

Keep On Rockin'! 🤘
Frank 😎🎸

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Recent Comments


R.I.P. Thomas Miller...

He never got the accolades that his playing deserved in my opinion Frank..

Fun fact, the street next to where I live is also dedicated to the French symbolist poet where Tom took his stage name from!

Keep on Rockin' Frank! 🎸🎸

Hi, Nick

I know that his real name was Miller, but I was unaware of the etiology of his stage name!

Fascinating, indeed! 👍😎😎

Frank 🎸

Haha! We all learn something new everyday here Frank!


Absolutely! Thanks again, Nick! 😎🎸


Hey Dr. Frank🎸😎! I don't know him, but I am sure he 's one of the greatest musician!!
It's sad that they are going one by one!☹️

Hi, Maria

Yeah, all the musicians I grew up with are getting up there.

Frank 😎👍


Nice cover, Frank.

Thanks, Warren! 😎🎸

Hey Frank, we sure are losing a lot of the all-time greats. But, sure, I do miss those days back in the 60s and 70s.

There was a lot of great music created by many talented artists through those years.

Some are still creating great music in their late 70s and 80s.

Have a great day, Chet

Hi, Chet

Yes, I was also very privileged indeed to have lived through the music of the 60s and 70s! I remember paying $2.50 to see a Rock concert with a major band like Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple.

My wife bought us tickets to see Joe Bonamassa and Joe Satriani a few years ago as a surprise gift. It cost her over $350 for each concert!

To the old times!

Rock On! 🤘
Frank 😎🎸

OH yes, in Memphis, they used to have concerts outdoors at the shell; excellent times.

I remember paying a dollar to see Black Sabbath and Saw Deep purple on the same weekend. What a time to reflect on. I love Led Zeppelin. I even saw Uncle Ted one time, LOL.

I lost one of my old-time favorites recently, John Prine. I used to love playing his music as a storyteller, then got into a bit of bluegrass; I love it all.

Let the good times roll, Chet.

Hi, Chet

Sabbath is one of my favorite bands, and I’ve seen them at least a dozen times with Ozzy and Dio.

Of course DP, Zeppelin, and Ted the Motor City Madman are all legendary!

John Prine, I’ve never seen.

Great talking music with you, Chet!

Do you play an instrument?

Frank 😎🎸

Hey Frank, Happy Monday I Did play a little acoustic guitar and the harmonica.

I don't do much these days, though.

I get to get with a couple of friends occasionally, but the guys I used to pick with are gone; we are getting old.

I don't know if you like folk music, but that's the music that John Prine was famous for.

We have a place here called a Shake rag tn. Just an old country store in the middle of nowhere.

There we would all meet up under an old shade tree and play music all day long every Sunday.

This would go on all over the grounds of this old store.

Everyone would walk from tree to tree, play, and mix up the music.

It was there I got into bluegrass. It was a fantastic way to spend the Sunday.


Hi, Chet

I’ve never heard of such a thing. What a fabulous way to spend a Sunday! 👍😎

Yes, I do like Folk and Bluegrass and used to play that music with my sister, who also plays the guitar.

You should start playing again! Keep your guitar out on a stand and you’ll pick it up everyday.

Check on your local town’s website. They may let you place a free ad that can hook you up with like-minded musicians.

Frank 😎🎸

Hey Frank, I have a couple of friends that I go trout fishing with.

We carry our guitars and play at night around the campfire. Surprisingly enough, we don't sound too bad.

We are all getting old. And all of us can't get to get together like we used to wish we could.

Look up, John Prine. You would like him. He is pretty unique.

Have a great evening, Chet

Thanks, Chet!

I’ll definitely check out John’s music. 👍

The campfire outing sounds like great fun!

We can’t let anyone or anything stop us from playing guitar, no matter how old we get! 😎

Frank 🎸

I had never heard of him before, Frank! He did seem to be well established though and I am certain that he will be missed!


Thanks for checking it out, Jeff.

Have a listen when you get a chance! 😎

Frank 🎸

Will do, Frank! Television does sound familiar!


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