Skill -vs-Will

Last Update: January 28, 2016

So your sick of having a JOB and you want to be your own boss. You decide your going to start an online business. You looked around and found this site called Wealthy Affiliates which looks to be the answer to what your looking for. Well. you are partialy right. You have found the place that will give you all the tools & support you need to be successful. The rest is Totally up to you. you need SKILL & WILL.

What do I mean you ask? 1st you need skill. For the newbie, all you need is enough skill to collect your thoughts, turn on your PC and be able to type. thats It. the rest is all WILL.

You WILL have to get up everyday and go to training!

You WILL have to go to WA every spare chance you get to blog,ask questions, & learn.

You WiLL have to create a website, add new content daily, & update keywords.

You WILL increase your SKILL if you participate in discussions & continue to ask questions. SKILL is aquired!!!!! WILL is determined!!!!!!! Your success WILL be a direct result of how much you are WILLING to put into your business. So Tellme. What WILL you do today?

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GaryHelm Premium
And again, you WILL need that Discipline that you spoke about in your last blog.
stephhill Premium
Great post and very inspirational, especially for those folks who are struggling to find the will power to work towards success. It is one thing to sign up for WA premium, but it is an entirely another thing to commit to it and dedicate yourself to moving forward with the training and always being willing to ask questions.

Many people are afraid to ask questions because they do not want to be look stupid, but the only stupid question there is would be the one that does not get asked.
Franco52 Premium
TY & so true. I'm only 2 weeks premium here myself, but I'm going full speed ahead. I am here to both learn & help. Mostly, I'm here to succeed!!!!
stephhill Premium
Me too. It is has been nine months for me.