Accomplishing Goals is Easy!

Last Update: March 06, 2016

So right now you're probably thinking " this guy must be nuts". Think about it! Everyday we actually setup & accomplish goals without even thinking about it, or even realizing that we are doing it. What you say! How? Everyday when we get up we start with a goal, an action plan, and result without even really thinking about it, but it's there. Simple example. You wake up in the morning, right? What's one of the first things most of us want in the morning once we wake up? A cup of freshly brewed coffee, right? Ok so now that's your goal: having a cup of coffee. Now! What are the action steps needed to accomplish that goal?

  • prep the coffee maker
  • add the filter
  • add the coffee
  • add the water
  • set the timer
  • turn on the coffee maker

After about 10 minutes you now have your coffee ready to pour into your cup and drink. Goal accomplished. And you didn't even think about it.

So you see if you make setting goals a part of your everyday life, you'll start doing them on autopilot and accomplishing them. So setting goals, taking action steps is not something new in our lives. It's really something that we've been doing pretty much all of our lives without even know that we were doing it!

Enjoy your coffee!


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MaggiG Premium
Ditto, JudeP's comment!
JudeP Premium
Love the analogy, thanks Frank :)
fawlty Premium
Howdy Frank, too right mate, your spot on !!
Ericabried Premium
The way you describe it here, it certainly does sound easy, Frank. Setting up and accomplishing goals should not be so intimidating.
Mac01 Premium
I must say, I go through this process a few times a day Frank! Good read, thanks for this! :)