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I decided it's time to update my profile. I have been a member for quite a while; actually I signed up back in 2008/2009 but things weren't going well for me financially and I ended up dropping out for a few months. When I signed back up in 2010 I decided to start over with a new username and that's why my join date shows 2010.

I went to College and University back in the days when there were few to no girls in the sciences and higher maths. I took chemistry and chemical engineering. For years I worked at an agricultural research facility, the largest in Canada. Then I got married and tutored from home to raise my family. I loved all of it but didn't want to return so I started dabbling in internet marketing and I absolutely love the challenge.

I am mother of 5 children; 1 married and 4 teenagers living at home. I also have 5 stepchildren who have given us 11 grandchildren (I love it!)

I am 52 years young but feel half my age. I am blessed to be very healthy - must be from trying to keep up with all those busy teenagers! But we are all best friends and I love it that way.

I have been somewhat inactive in WA for a few years; just keeping my account because I do use the hosting for a few websites. Have been doing some local marketing lately but not sure I'm cut out for it. I'm too shy to be a good salesman. I freak out at the thought of having to make a phone call to someone I don't know, even though I have a website ranking on the first page of google and someone would probably want to rent or buy it.

So now I'm going to be looking more towards affiliate marketing. I've done lots of reading and studying in IM over the past years but there are still some areas I need more experience with (like setting up email marketing on a website.)

I look forward to meeting lots of you and learning from each and every one of you. I hope I have something to offer you as well if you want to ask me any questions, please feel free to go ahead.
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DavidArturo Premium
Hey, many thanks for the follow
webkab Premium
Just found you a WA. Best of luck to you and hope to run into you for help.
flygirl Premium
How are you doing? Finding everything you need here?
jatdebeaune Premium
Creeps up you. It's strange. All the best.
flygirl Premium
I'm just getting started...!
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family