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It has been really fun being a member of WA and I have very much enjoyed being a part of the community here, but it is sad for me to say that I am leaving and will probably not be back for a pretty long time. I really enjoy WA because of the community that it has to render, however, I have decided that it is time for me to move on towards other programs that I feel could help me out even more. I definitely noticed a lot about WA and I really believe that this place is improving as time goes on
Hey guys, just wanted to make this blog to get your personal feedback on what your favorite video game or game was or is currently. Did you personally love video games as a child? Do you still love them now? What is it about video games that is so addictive? How often do you like to play video games or any game really? If for some reason you can't think of one, try to give your top 5 or top 10 list, that would be much appreciated. In my personal opinion, I think that everyone loves some so
Hey guys, so today I am going to be giving you some links that offer a long description about 4 plugins and give you some other helpful links that will talk to you about some of the best Cache plugins that WP has to offer. Those 4 plugins are actually W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Quick Cache, and Hyper Cache. I am doing this to offer individuals better alternatives, since I have noticed that some people could not install W3 Total Cache because of their themes. So for those of you who are ha
For those of you who feel like your site is running a bit slow, and can’t really find the reasoning behind it, I think that you will enjoy reading this post since I also ran into a similar issue. To start off, if you feel like your site isn’t performing at its best and needs optimization, the best way to check whether or not it is performing well or not is either through or they are both really good tools
Today was my birthday. I had a blast celebrating it with my family and friends, and most of all I enjoyed spending part of this day here at WA. I want to thank all of those who were nice enough to wish me a happy birthday, it really means so much to me. Hopefully by the time that my next birthday comes next year, things will look even better than they do now :) Thanks everyone :D Just wanted to use this picture because I thought it was hilarious. Bye guys :)
It’s true that every individual on this Earth desires to have some form of success, however, a lot of those people do not have the right push or mentality to be able to achieve it. The truth is that if you follow steps and have the persistence to actually be someone, then you are most likely going to be someone that is successful. Every individual possesses their own way of determining what success is for them, it does not necessarily have to be something that involves financial status. Suc
As a fellow member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community I always seem to be questioning myself about this topic. It is evident that receiving help from others is definitely one of the great aspects about WA, but what happens when you get so much help from a specific person that you are personally taking time out of their schedule, and even obstructing them from focusing on their selves and moving forward? How far would you be willing to go when it comes to receiving help from others? As you can
March 02, 2015
Throughout the past couple of years I have seen for myself that Mega Menus have really become very useful for many site owners as an online consumer myself. In the process, however, Mega Menus rallied much debate among the design community. For those of you who don't know what Mega Menus are, I would be more than happy to tell you. Mega Menu's are in essence really big navigation panels that usually fall under or glide out from your primary menu. They usually aren't really suitable for site’s
February 26, 2015
Throughout my entire online Journey at WA, I have found that the absolute most helpful person that I have encountered so far is Labman. His knowledge with WordPress is amazing, and I can understand why he knows so much, he has dealt with WordPress for so many years. I really enjoy receiving aid from him because his advice is so thorough and he guides you through everything basically. He is really such a humble individual and I really like that he loves his dogs so much (hence his username "Labm
When it comes to the overall development of your site, one of the most significant aspects is definitely its appearance. Keep in that mind that if, throughout the first couple of seconds of looking at a site I see that the logo, fonts, color schemes or pictures make my eyes want to explode — I probably will not want to move forward with looking at it. Design equals credibility. With that thought in mind I thought that I would write down some tips that might help you out with your sites des