Wealthy affiliate reviews

Last Update: November 19, 2019

Wealthy affiliate reviews.

So many awesome reviews around .
Just one more!

Why did I join?


To learn English: speak well, spell well, apply good grammar, use better vocabulary. Write awesome content. Not to forget some humor. Life is heavy enough without adding to it. Yuk yum!

Blogging is truly the best way to learn a language. Active responses and people telling your spelling and grammar are wrong. LOL...

And the wealthy affiliate platform gives a lot of easy, entertaining and varied blogs! A lot of different styles and views, all expressed in unique and awesome ways!


To host safely with wordpress and be backed by Site Support... yes, yes, yes. Security is awesome. Hosting easy and reliable. Unless you are an experimented web developer, more than enough to work with.

Maintenance is a burden for most of us. Also, for me. Having this great opportunity to host on a protected site with 7/7 and 24/24 support is an asset you better not ignore. The best in the world! Thank you guys! Tested many and rooted here...


To learn web building... and wordpress!

Not an easy task. Takes time, a lot of updates and upgrades of themes and plugins. All mixed up... looking like a mess in the beginning... no worries. It is part of the learning curve...

Refining is the message! Al along... and testing.

Testing themes and plugins on tablets mainly. Just known some stuff is made for PC only... stuck in the box. In this case tablet or mobile. Also know mobile is the future, better not ignore that.


To master branding, layout, SEO
. ... affiliate marketing... the list is long.
And in the learning process shapes take form.


Seeking a profitable niche. Some find it immediately, for others it is a process.

This is the hardest part, since poetry is my niche. Try to write a blog and rhyme with 1000 words! Unless you are Shakespeare.... which I am not! Not done! Right... so... so... so...


An awesome community to rely on!


A price / quality offer with Black Friday which makes it affordable for most. So better look out! And go for it!

Thank you for liking, shares and comments

Why did you join the wealthy affiliate platform?

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DouglasPlumb Premium
I must say as I just started out this past week it still is amazing that you have the ability to learn from every post blog or even comment on this platform. I joined because 8 weeks ago I broke my foot and haven't been able to walk let alone work. I have done tons of research on how to make money online and most of the reviews on a bunch of the programs said they were scams or costs thousands of dollars. So far it's been a crazy week learning everything and can't wait to keep learning and progressing in my business. With so many people behind us all it's great to have that feeling of help at anytime we need it. Keep up the great work and I wish you success in your future my friend.

Thank you
Fleeky Premium
Succes Douglas! Great you joined... wishing you and your family all the best.
BobMargroff Premium
Hi Fleeky, you made very good points on all your reasons. Only one I don’t have to worry about is learn English...but writing better would be one that goes with that.

My English grammar and sentence structure definitely needed work. So, practice makes perfect...

I wish you the best!
Fleeky Premium
Ha Bob! Right!

exgrosteve Premium
I joined WA because I saw a possibility to improve my business and within a couple of days it was clear that so long as I was willing to take action, I would be able to do just that. What I didn't realize was the awesome pay it forward community that exists here and how much time and effort people were willing to give to help other people. Outstanding. Thank you for this post Fleeky :-) S
Fleeky Premium
Thank you for sharing!
Yes, the community is aWesome indeed
EHozubin Premium
Fleeky - It looks like you have been very successful accomplishing your goals. I joined when I came upon Roope’s YouTube about WA. I felt that I had more questions so I joined to review the training platform. I was sold with the training so I joined premium 7 days later.
Fleeky Premium
Thank you for sharing your experience!
Hooked indeed, as all of us
Jules73 Premium
That's a crackin' review right there Fleeky...alot of valid points made!

Why did I join?

Initially for financial freedom somewhere down the road and to give up the office job!

Then I realised that I had so much to learn that it was going to take a wee bit more time to get my initial goal.

And finally I started to really enjoy writing, blogging, conversing and in some way inspiring so many new friends.

The enjoyment I get from dipping in and out of the community is immeasurable and the knowledge learnt is priceless ;-)
Fleeky Premium
All Shared Jules...

Learning comes before earning
It is a long process
Not done overnight