Tip 152 chase one rabbit at the time

Last Update: November 15, 2020

Chase one rabbit at the time

Did you ever try to catch a rabbit?

Those who did, know it is far from easy.
Very often they dwell in group and they protect each other with diversion strategies.
Actually they are masters in doing so.

What is my point?

  • Setting up and maintaining your website
  • Writing content and updating information
  • Refining SEO and advertisement
  • Seeking affiliate sites
  • Promoting your website through social media
  • Analyzing results with google console
  • Comments and feedback
  • ...

The to do list for your website is long and not hazardous.
It needs strategy and focus.

The training offers you the strategy to deploy.
Make sure to focus on each lesson, and to accomplish your task.

Do not jump from one to the other.
You might end without rabbit

Thank you for like, share and comment

Tell me, what lesson was the hardest on you and how did you solve it?

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laparra1 Premium
Good evening Fleeky,

That is why I mainly concentrate to update old posts on both my websites. This process has been going on since many months and I will still need more months to complete this job.
I must confess I have never caught a rabbit but did catch a snake, toads, hedgehogs, etc.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

Fleeky Premium Plus
Morning Taetske!
Doing the same. Especially with the wow update of all in one seo plugin... a real Winner! Takes time indeed... updating... adding ...
Thank you for sharing
Wishing you a wonderful week!

heavensaroma Premium Plus
This is why goals and plans are such an important part of this process. If you wake up and don't know what you are doing that day, you might not get anything done.

Sometimes I find myself just going from one tab to another trying to make sense of something and at the end of the day, all I did was stare at my screen and got maybe the smallest of things done.

Then there are days I wake up and have a routine, and actually get things done. Real things, that actually matter to my site.

So thank you for this reminder Fleeky! I think we all need a refresh sometimes and reminded how to focus on one thing at a time instead of becoming overwhelmed and feeling like your pulled in different directions. Which honestly makes me want to just take the day off and start again tomorrow.

One day at a time. One thing at a time. Breathe.

Fleeky Premium Plus
Let go

Some rabbits are hard to catch
Take those wIthin reach...
james5273 Premium
Great advice! Thanks for sharing!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Hi James!
Only1Hugh Premium
Hey Fleeky,

I am just finishing off OEC and so far the training has been fairly straightforward. I had some questions around migrating an existing domain but that was sorted out right here within the WA community.

My immediate focus now is identifying and qualifying for affiliate programs that marry with my niche and website. So I will be following the training very closely on this.

Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing Hugh
Make sure to use the promote button in top menu...
It Ill save you a lot of time!

Good luck
And happy Sunday!
Only1Hugh Premium
Thanks Fleeky for the reminder. I had seen this previously however now that you are causing me to focus on it I will certainly make more use of it.

Fleeky Premium Plus
Good luck!
Joes946 Premium
Fleeky, spot on!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Which one are you chasing Joe?
I am seeking to integrate my landing page
Joes946 Premium
Concentrating on just one website. I chased several and caught a lot of air, not hair!
Fleeky Premium Plus