Tip 138 : maintain your site

Last Update: November 24, 2019

Maintain your site

Ever seen a high voltage repairer? All tied up in the sky? No?

Well I can tell you it is rather scary to look at. One mistake and they burn their face and hands... A precision without errors since every mistake can be fatal.

Electricity is a great invention, but dangerous if you do not know how to handle it. It needs preparation and adequate equipment

Maintenance of our sites is no other. It can be a scary thing to do... and some errors can be fatal too. The risk however is covered by site support to help us out.

Let me sum up some basic stuff

  • Update wordpress
  • Update your plugins
  • Update your themes
  • Make sure all your site settings are set on (security, speed and spam blocker) in site manager
  • Check the health of your site
  • Make sure to use your kraken and all in one SEO plugin
  • Refine over and over again
  • Make backup in time
  • Use The Jaaxy research tool from the beginning to set great titles nd keywords
  • ...

What you better avoid

  • Skipping parts of the training
  • Deleting or renaming published titles
  • Using small fonts (unreadable on mobile)
  • Using different colors that do not resonate (yes colors have their own vibrations)
  • Having no logo or branding
  • Having no, social media,
  • Jumping too quickly in affiliate marketing and premium Without being ready
  • ...

What can help you?

  • Ask questions in live chat
  • Ask questions with the question option in the top bar of your profile
  • Ask other members under their profile or in private messages
  • Search The Wealthy Affiliate space
  • Use site content, it provides you with awesome images and spell checker
  • View sites of other members, they can inspire you
  • ...

And finally... take one step at the time. Make sure to master that one before setting another. Finish the job as they say.

Thank you for likes, comments and shares

What would you add to the list?

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thelungdoc Premium
Do not take action without having a plan.

That is a common one of mine - start doing a bunch of projects with no real plan in place.

It's called "spinning your wheels."

There is so much I want to do, start doing everything and end up nowhere.

Thanks for the inspiration and what a good topic.

laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Fleeky,

Christmas is around the corner and I am going to take a break. Not a real one it means I will concentrate mainly on rechecking old posts, see if all is ok and then give them up for more comments.
It is very strange but quite a few times I have found that a YouTube video is missing out of the blue.
Coming Tuesday we will go to Estepa again to buy the Christmas sweets, that is always a nice trip.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Fleeky Premium
Morning Taetske!
Yes... make sure not to change your titles... or use a redirect plugin...

Happy shopping and blessed day!
John2handy Premium
Good to know about not changing titles.
Fleeky Premium
Make sure to search a good title with the jaaxy research tool.
It is in the left menu
LisaMarie3 Premium
Fleeky, you rock
Fleeky Premium
Uh uh uh...
Join the band
LisaMarie3 Premium
Hahaha, only if its 80s rock
Fleeky Premium

Give me that good old banjo
Thank you for the great reminders, Fleeky.

I already made a boo boo by changing the title and permalink of my WA review.

After that, my WA review was finally indexed after I had waited for 5 months with the previous one.

Oh well, life goes on.

Also, I would add to the list, Use Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool to find low hanging fruits( keywords and keyword phrases).

Keyword rich content is needed for better ranking which improves your chance for more traffic.

That's my little 2 cents.

Maxine :))!
Fleeky Premium
Just edited my blog and added it Maxime
Thank you for telling us !

How could i forget that!
You did great. We are here to help each other. 🤗
Fleeky Premium