How to get rich quick

Last Update: September 25, 2019

How to get-rich-quick


The get-rich-quick magic pill and shiny object syndromes

Yes... if you find a place to buy a get-rich-quick magic pill that works, let me know! And we'll all run there soon.

Just for now, it often only exists in our wishful thinking and projections.

My message today is short and crisp

Get rid of quick rich magical pills.

    On the internet it is called the shiny object syndrome. Leaving you and others empty-handed.

    Get on your marks and run. Go for the real work and effort.

    Invest in your own future and learn. WA is a great opportunity to do so.

    Just remember, the learning comes before the earning.

    Thank you for likes, comments and shares!

    Other quick-something toxic pills?

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    JKulk1 Premium
    Magical pills that promise the world. It's far better to keep our feet firmly planted. jim
    Fleeky Premium Plus
    Firmly indeed
    Stanleycmng Premium
    If someone have a goose that lays golden eggs, they won’t be selling it for $27 and upsell to you instructions how to make the goose lay eggs.
    Fleeky Premium Plus

    What is fhe catch here?
    For those who bought one?
    Aadya1 Premium
    As a travel budget first expert I advise to learn and earn profit at the same time. Love small numbers while learning.
    Fleeky Premium Plus
    So true!
    Make each penny count!
    Especially in spending...

    Thank you ❤️
    DarrenNicola Premium
    Thanks for sharing, Fleeky.
    Learn before you earn as I say.
    Being patient and consistent will put you on the road to making good progress.
    Have a great day/night.
    Darren :)
    Fleeky Premium Plus
    You as well Darren.
    To your success!
    Niagara1 Premium
    If you want to get rich quick, buy lottery tickets. Or learn before you earn with WA or any other legit affiliate program.
    Fleeky Premium Plus
    My grandma bought a lottery every week and never won.... she said. If i had set it apart over the years... it was a winning lot!