Be GDPR compliant

Last Update: December 28, 2019

Be GDPR compliant

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulated .

In a former training you will find more details: the European cookie law

GDPR is a European data protection and privacy law for all European citizens (European Union and European Economic Area) . This law also protects the transfer of their personal data outside the European Union and European Economic Area.

The law imposes new requirements on businesses serving consumers and readers from Europe. One of them must be a notice of cookie, with an opt-out link.

The opt-out link is often forgotten.

Many sites block access now, if cookies are not accepted. This is against the law and not user-friendly at all.

Best is to use a plugin that displays a message of GDPR.

I have tested several and found two free plugin to be Extremely user-friendly. You find my training here: cookie plugins

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Fleek.
I think that I know that we all have to do this.
Is their a way to rewrite the plugin so it suits your basic needs for example in a disclosure statement.

I have had an issue with this for a while.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

Kindest regards,

Paul Mindra.
Fleeky Premium
You need to be compliant.
It starts with a good cookie and privacy policy indeed

For now a burden for many
DMahen1 Premium
Thanks for sharing and the cookie plugins post link. Most appreciated!
Fleeky Premium
NeilBrown Premium
Thanks for sharing this advice, very much appreciated and I had no understanding of it but I'm now feeling a little more informed.
Fleeky Premium
Thank you Neil
Better comply
Joes946 Premium
Great advice as always Fleeky.
Fleeky Premium
Happy new Year Joe
exgrosteve Premium
This is an absolute must; no doubts Thank you Fleeky
Happy New Year
Fleeky Premium
Happy 2020