Two months with WA - Reflecting on My Progress

Last Update: December 03, 2015

As a marker of my progress, I wanted to take a moment to record where I am today, just a little over two months since joining the WA community.

As of today, I:

  • Own a domain
  • Have a fairly developed and functioning website
  • Belong to two affiliate programs and one affiliate network
  • Have earned $1.20 in commission sales
  • Manage four related social media accounts
  • Have acquired hundreds of followers on my social media accounts
  • Achieved a WA ranking above 500 (wow!)
  • Have over 200 followers on WA (amazing and thank you!)
  • Wake up excited about new posts to write about
  • Have continued to develop my writing chops
  • Am brainstorming and building out at least two more future websites (woo hoo!)
  • Have completed 2 full courses on WA with the third one in the works
  • Apply newly gained knowledge about WP, blogging, & affiliate marketing
  • Have learned from so many others in this business (thank you, WA friends!)

There are countless other personal achievements I could write about, but they are difficult to express because they are less tangible accomplishments.

What I struggle most with is finding the time to produce new content. I have so many incomplete drafts and a number of ideas floating around my head at any given time. But I am a busy mom with two children that are home with me all day, every day.

Considering my limitations and competing priorities, I am proud of my progress in this little business endeavor. I am successful. This, I have been repeating to myself throughout this difficult process. In writing out this list, I can see this is already true. So I am going to revise and update my daily mantra to better reflect where I want to be:

I am successful and have more money than I know what to do with!

Feel free to use this same affirmation in your own endeavors. Repeat daily with a smile and conviction in your heart. Report back when you see it coming true!

Until next time...

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DarylMay Premium
Your still in Action!

Thats what i saw in your content. Quitting is the only way to assure you'll never reach your destination. Keep it up :)
Fit4Twins Premium
Thank you, Daryl! Always a boost to have community support. It's a rough ride, but I'm not quitting.
HeatherGrace Premium
I love this! And I can completely relate to having a hard time finding time to write with little ones running around. I seriously take 3-4 hours to get through a 9 minute training video sometimes. But our struggles will make it that much sweeter when we succeed! Plus, our little ones won't be little forever! I'm trying to remember that too =-) Blessings to you!
Fit4Twins Premium
Thank you, Heather Grace! You get it. So funny to hear I am not the only one that takes hours for a short clip. The struggle is real! But yes, these are precious moments we have with our littles... Imagine what we can accomplish when they're in school though! :-D All good things in their time.
BarryJ Premium
Isn't it great to see progress this way? I'm happy for you. Keep it up...
Fit4Twins Premium
Hi, Barry! Thanks for your support. Thoughts become things; thus, positive thoughts become positive things.
DarylMay Premium
Love this, so very true.