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July 18, 2016
Hello WA family,Just wanted to let you know that I will be taking a break from WA. My website has been dormant for many months now, and I am currently working on a new project that has been taking most of my time away from my very first website, am thankful to those I have met here who have taught me more about affiliate marketing and running an online business than I ever could have imagined. I will be keeping in touch with some of you, as I hope we can still work together
As a marker of my progress, I wanted to take a moment to record where I am today, just a little over two months since joining the WA community. As of today, I:Own a domainHave a fairly developed and functioning websiteBelong to two affiliate programs and one affiliate networkHave earned $1.20 in commission salesManage four related social media accountsHave acquired hundreds of followers on my social media accountsAchieved a WA ranking above 500 (wow!)Have over 200 followers on WA (amazing and t
I hesitated to post this, not because of the amount, but because I didn't want to jinx my good fortune. (Returns are possible after all.) I awoke today to find genuine clicks on my website and, even more incredibly, a 6% commission on a single item! Although I suspect the purchase was made by a friend or relative in my close circle, it feels great to know someone actually read my content and that affiliate links work! I have read other WA members' blog posts about their first commission and lov
Hello, WA community! It feels like years since my last post, but it has only been about a month. In that month, I have felt some of the ups and downs related to starting a non-traditional business like this. Right around the time I completed one of the first lessons of the second course, the one that tasks you to write a keyword-rich post, I became a bit paralyzed in the creative process. Although I had multiple posts partially drafted, I could not finish a single one. I started feeling like I
September 29, 2015
With several illnesses to deal with at home, my momentum from my first week at WA greatly differed from my second. My normal routine for a number of other things I love to do (like exercise) was also disrupted. In that time, it didn't take long for my mind to start wandering to places it should not go. You know, the places where self-doubt and analysis paralysis set in and take hold. In the middle of this otherwise standard disruption, I had almost forgotten why I had started this venture. I be
September 19, 2015
For a few months prior to finding WA, I contemplated a few different at-home business options. During one of these recruiting seminars, I took notes during a keynote speaker's tips on branding yourself effectively through social media. I cannot explain why, but I was inspired to take action. That was the day my brand name, Fit4Twins, was born. I joined Twitter and Instagram and updated my profiles on Facebook and Pinterest. I started a new email account and decided to use it for anything relate
September 18, 2015
Hey everyone! Just wanted to say that I am excited to continue my education through WA and could not stop thinking about the possibilities when I ended my first set of lessons as a starter member. It was a classic cliffhanger! (Clever hook, indeed, K&C!) Nonetheless, I stick to the saying that suggests you never give up on something you can't stop thinking about! Now to figure out what to do next..