Reflection: What to Do After Recent Amazon Update

Last Update: March 01, 2017

It's officially March.

If you are an Amazon affiliate, you have already known that Amazon's recent update on its commission system (from volume based to category based) has started.

Some of us were upset about this.

To be honest, I was upset, too.

But, being upset won't change anything.

Rather than focusing on why Amazon does this bla bla bla..., it's better to focus your energy to positive attitudes towards our online business.

OK, Amazon has changed its policy.

You may get lower commission.

So what can you do to still get decent earnings?

1. Increase the traffic.

You need traffic to make sales.

No traffic -> no sales.

Let's create more content with low competition keywords (so that it ranks quickly in Google).

Optimize your keyword positioning.

Wait, don't forget to make your article so damn good that people will read and share.

And also, don't forget to link your new article to your money-making review posts. You want to increase traffic to your money machine, right.

2. Update your existing articles to increase conversion

Ok, the new traffic may take a while to come, but what can we do with the existing content?

Look at your product review posts and think how you can make it better.

So that people could not resist not to buy it...

Have you included your before and after story and how the product helps you to achieve your goal?

Perhaps you want to add other people's success story?

What about adding a close up picture of the product to convince the reader that this is worth buying?

If you install heat map, look at your call to action text and button. Are they converting well?

Should you change the wording?

Or perhaps people love to click on the pictures so it is worth to put your affiliate link over there?

Your editing option is endless.

3. Share your articles with people who have similar target audience.

Find people who are doing closely-related topic with you and ask them to share your article.

If your post are so great, for sure, they won't mind sharing it with their followers, or even promoting it for you.

New traffic source for you!

4. Diversify your income.

OK, perhaps you are now only relying to Amazon.

Do you think it's time to explore other affiliate program that can go hand in hand with Amazon?

Or if you already have existing readers, can you create your own product and sell it?

What about offering ads space?

Pitching a brand for a sponsored post?

You choose what you want to do.

Amazon is still a good affiliate program

Despite its recent update, I am confident that Amazon is still a good affiliate program that's worth pursuing.

Remember, no matter what your niche is, Amazon sells way more than what you are promoting in your website.

And you get commission for every purchase (no matter what the product is).

And their website is so optimized in generating sales.

Now, it's time to get busy and do our work.

Determine your goal, choose your steps, plan it out into small-actionable tasks, and do it.

Your success is waiting for you.



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laurenjean Premium
Lovely positive post, Rina. Hope you're getting some traffic from your guest post on Happy Human Pacifier. :)
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Hi Rina, thanks for the up to date info on Amazon. Irv.
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thanks for the positive message, Rina!
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you're welcome!