My first affiliate commission happened - $10.43!

Last Update: December 13, 2015

This commission came from a site I started when I first signed up with WA a little over a month ago. Since I am already in the online retail business and have a pretty good idea of how to build websites and I'm also familiar with Amazon's affiliate program, my first instinct was how can i use this training to make money now with the busy Christmas season coming? So I created a site that simply displays top Christmas gifts in whichever category I decide to talk about on a given day.

After pushing the site for several days, I could see that it received traffic, but only a few clicks through to Amazon and then after the initial facebook fan page launch, the traffic slowed down. I had 1 pending order for a week that I still think was my mother checking my site out and then she purchased a toaster that was never shipped, so no commission (and no I did not ask my mother to make a purchase through my links, she just looks at what I post).

Anyway, I decided to stop working with this website (for now) 2 weeks ago because traffic slowed down, the work was time consuming, I have another business that I know makes money this time of year, and I wanted to focus more on training.

Maybe I should add a new post this week and see if it generates more affiliate commissions?

I don't think this a a major success story, but I think it shows me and will show other WA newbies that the training here works. I've had access to these affiliate tools for many years and never knew how to effectively use them.

My plan is to continue learning something new everyday from WA. That alone is worth the price of admission.

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Shukamina Premium
Yay! Great job! Happy for you!
Loes Premium
Very nice prove Rod! Keep on going!
LizP Premium
Great job and good luck
Michelle04 Premium
Most people don't see a commission that quickly, so that is great. Might want to add some new material to that site at this time. :)
monamassoud Premium
Commission after one month is good I think. I understand it takes months but I believe you did great in one month :)